GAMING : Stardew Valley

Hello Everybody! 

I hope that you are having a nice relaxing weekend. 

I started mine by decluttering after Christmas and I can't help but feel that my living room looks rather empty! 

I did however manage to amass alot of candles over Christmas... The main reason being that I had a Yankee Candle advent calander

Below are some of what I got. 

And here is the full collection....

I have to be a little careful because Diego has no concept of open flames. 

I had a candle lit and he swished his tail on to the flame. He didn't seem to notice and I batted him off of it. 

Poor Baby got a little burn and some burnt fur :(

Ever since, I have been reserved when using them. 


So on to the main bulk of the post.

I have used this weekend to do some well over due gaming and because I have spent the last year on the Playstation, I felt it was more than time to jump on the Xbox.

I have been playing through some of the free offerings from Games with Gold. 

I started with Game of Thrones and then played through Life is strange and on the whole I was very impressed. 

I still have the walking dead to do, but I seem to be really enjoying Chaptered games that adapt to your choices. 

Sometimes, its nice to escape open world games with so many side missions. 

Sometimes Linear is good! 

But the main game that I want to talk about, is one of my favourites, Stardew valley.

I even have some merch from it....

I have spoken about this game before and filmed four videos on it, but I finally got to 'the end' in restoring the Pelican Community Centre. 

Its took over 100 gameplay hours to do this. 

But I will rewind before I go too in depth, the concept of the game is that you are bored of your city life.
 Unfortunately, your Grandpa has passed but he has left you a farm to run. 

You move and start completely afresh and meet the good Townsfolk and build relationships with them. 

You have items to collect, including Fish, crops, Forage items and fossils etc. 

When you play it, your time just disappears, its such a beautiful little chilled game.

 I found it really helped me in the summer when I was going through a tough battle with depression and anxiety as it was complete escapism. 

I have shipped all the crops and forage items and have rebuilt the centre.

 Sadly for me, my buddies, the forest creatures have disappeared.... for now. 

I'm determined to get the platinum trophy. But this requires another play through. 

The only downsides of this game is that parts of it can become boring, when you are waiting for time to pass or you are obsessing over that ONE fish or crop. 

If you are looking to boost your trophy level or gamerscore, you gotta put the work in. 

But the game has a heart and I think that shines through. 

I can't see me ever willingly parting with the game. 

As I have said before, its Harvest moon, meets FarmVille, with a little Zelda thrown in. 

I will put the links to the first of the videos below! 

Thanks for reading



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