LIFESTYLE : 2018 Resolutions and Jan Goals

Hello everybody and welcome to 2018! 

I have to admit, I almost missed it. 

I had gotten rather sleepy watching Game of Thrones, but I seemed to automatically wake up with five minutes to go. 

I live in the middle of a town so the fireworks were really loud. I made sure that the cats were chilled before celebrating. 

I thought that it would be fun to see what my top nine pictures were on Instagram. 

I love that the majority of them are food related.....

So with a new year comes resolutions! 

I mentioned that I have taken the Vegan Pledge, well I didn't realise but PETA will be sending emails of encouragement which I thought was a lovely touch. 

I am a great supporter of animal rights so this is something I plan to stick to

( That and my health took a hit - you can read about that on my previous post)

Moving on to my other resolutions... 

I decided that I needed to purchase a pretty diary and a lovely journal.

In the front of the Journal, I wrote a set of new years resolutions. 

A lot of them are geared towards Self care. 

The one lesson that I learned last year was that my mental health is so important. It was tested alot and I managed to come out fighting. 

But it was one hell of a journey. 

The journal above is actually my biggest resolution. I used to have a diary as a teenager and it helped to keep my head alfloat. 

I started it a little early and I've found it invaluable for those thoughts that bug but yet you don't want talk about aloud. 


I have set goals in regards to reading and watching NEW Tv Shows and NEW movies as I feel like so many have passed me by. 

I find myself watching the same ones over and over and not branching out. 


I also want to train my body into being the strongest and fittest that it can be.

 However, I do not want to set a weight goal on it because these measurements can be misleading. 

Instead, I will take progress pictures as these can speak louder than words. 


On to the planner.

Along the top, I have filled out the movies for the marvel move challenge. 

Basically, if you start to watch them this week in order, by the time you finish it will be the week that infinity war is released. 

As I missed a couple, I thought it would be a great way to watch them all and to be ready for what I expect to be, the best film in a while. 

I have also written down this month's goals. 

As January always feels like a long month, I set a couple of goals that would take a while to do. 

1) To win against the Pokemon League in Ultra Moon 

I'm not too far into the game so hopefully I will have enough time 

2) To read two books

I've got alot to get through!

3) To make our engagement box

I wanted to gather all of our engagement cards, photos and memories from Italy and put them in a keepsake box. So that in the future we can share with others.

4) To watch the Indiana Jones Series. 

I've never seen them. So I thought why not set it as a goal?

I will let you all know how I get on.

But for now. 

More Game of Thrones! 




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