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Hiya guys, 


We had a really big reason to celebrate at the start of the week, my fiancee passed his driving test! 

It was something that he had wanted to do since I met him and I've known him for over six years. 

It was amazing to see him achieve such a big life event, I have to say I was rather nervous for him on the day.

I struggled to focus at work, I kept checking my phone for news and ringing him. 

But he did it. 

The Smile on his face as he drove us to work the next day was one of the most beautiful and happy that I have ever seen from him. 

Proud doesn't even cover it  


So on to the main bulk of this post. 

I set myself a little challenge at the start of 2018. I wanted to protect and help my mental health as the last year was very difficult in the summer. 

To do this I tailored some resolutions around this idea. 

Basically, I want to crack my way through as many new TV shows, Anime, Films, games and books as I possibly can. 

So far, I have watched four new films and  finished three TV  series. 

I have caught up with Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, for these Luke and I watched them together. 

I also Caught up with Masterchef The Professionals, which I mainly watched without him. 

I thought that I would write a little mini review for each, in case you were considering watching them.

Games of Thrones - 

The Show with the Dragons and the epic theme song..... I love this show, but I often find that the show can be too fast paced. It often contains a lot of new faces and names and its hard to keep up.

 In short, you can't even miss ten mins of the show or you'll be confused. 

I've tried to combat this by reading the books, which I find explain alot more and develop the plot alot more. 

The Story follows the seven kingdoms and all of those house/ families that are all fighting to be on the Iron throne. 

There are allegiances and conflicts that keep you glued to the screen. This is the kind of show in which no one is safe, the author is not afraid to kill off favourites and at times I've been left angry or upset at the end of certain episodes. 

The latest season, is everything that fans have been waiting for... all the stories coming together, fully grown dragons and Winter is here! 

 I can't wait for the next season, even though its 2019... I just need to know, whats gonna happen to Jamie, Ser Davos and Tomund (they are all my favourites so one is bound to die). 

I leave you with the Game of Thrones musical....

The Walking Dead - 

Eight series in and I'm struggling with it. 

The Show is about the end of the world and the Zombie invasion. However there is an added twist, when you die regardless of if you are infected, you will reanimate as a zombie. 

The Story follows Rick Grimes, a Sheriff that wakes up after being shot to find that the world has basically ended. 

He somehow, manages to reunited with his Wife and Son and a group of surviors.

 What I like about the series is that it raises some moral issues and it makes you question what it means to be human. What would you do to survive and how far would you trust people? 

As with Game of Thrones, no one is safe. Have no favourites, they will die. 

I binge watched this show from November to the end of the newest series.

 I must admit, I found it to be quite boring. There was way too much action, but there was one death that I was not happy with. 

I'm not going to say names as I want to keep it spoiler free but I'm an animal lover so if you watch the show... you'll know. Not OK guys, not ok! 

I feel like the show needs to come to an end now. It was great when it first come out, but it just needs to slowly die now. 

Here is a video of the most shocking deaths :

Masterchef the Professionals

I have written alot about this show in the past. 

Its one of my yearly favourites. 48 chefs compete to win and its the best thing ever. 

As they are already in the trade, the judging is alot higher and alot harsher than the regular version. 

I always find myself in awe of what they cook and I always seem to pick up tips and ideas. 

I think that the best man definitely won this year. 

I have to say though, White Chocolate snow? When did this become a thing?

Here is a link to the first episode of this season: 

So thats it for now, I feel like finishing three in the first 13 days of the new year isn't too bad. 

Let me know if you love any of the above! 



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