Goodnight Beautiful

Hello Everyone, 

Its time for a sad post I'm afraid. 

Tonight, my Childhood companion and friend, Elizabeth Moo got put to sleep. 

We first got her when I was 13 and now I'm 26.

Lizzie saw me through my awkward teenage phase, she comforted me through my bullying phase. 

She watched me start my first day at University and waited for me on my last day. 

She protected me and chatted to me at the end of my long 15 hour shifts. 

She called out for me and cried when she moved to the coast without me. 

She used to be so excited to see me on FaceTime and would lick the screen. 

She would greet me when I came to visit as if no time had past. 

She died in pain, suspected  accidental poisoning, her organs giving up on her. 

No animal deserves that, not even the intended targets of Badgers and Foxes 

She went to sleep surrounded by love. 

She's at peace now and with Maddie and Little Sidney and I know that I'll see her again some day. 


She was amazing and I was lucky enough to know her from only three days old. 

She and her brother would always occupy the pillow next to me when I used to sleep. 

I regret that I never took that last trip to see her, but I know she understood. 


Please tonight hug your pets. Spend some time playing, tell them how much you love them, because losing them suddenly hurts.

Also please stop putting effing poison down as this is the second cat we've lost to this.... 


I'll be ok, I just need some time. 

Below is some footage of her... skip to 11 mins in... 

Thanks as always for reading 




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