LIFESTYLE : A Comfy Weekend Part 2

Hello Everyone! 

So here I am, in my comfy cave, actually writing another blog post! 

I completely forgot about these Harry Potter Socks that I received from December's Loot Crate. 

They have the sorting hat at the top and all four houses in their colours. 


I've been tweaking the layout for the blog, however it keeps displaying a blog not available message so I am having to do it in stages, hopefully the end result will be worth it! 


I'm also spending the day, downloading and sorting my old phone into an iPod. It was such a good little phone that I didn't want to part with it when I upgraded. 

In going through my old library, I released that I've gone through alot of different phases and tasted in music. 

Some are a little cringy, but when it came to the decision to download high school musical again, I smashed the button haha. 

Its weird how one song can take you back to a place in time aka my 14 year old self! 

I might write a blog post about this, as this is something that I find really interesting. That being said I have previously written a post about my favourite songs ever. 

It also means that I can use my old iPhone case.... my beloved Pikachu. 


While this is happening, I plan to put some quality time into Pokemon Ultra Moon and hopefully Pokemon Crystal. 

I started back on it yesterday as it was one of last months goals and I felt rather out of touch with my story and team. I think I just need to put some more time in and it will be like I was never away. 

I thought that I would show you all, this cool case that Luke got from one of his Loot Anime boxes. Its not technically meant to be a DS case, but it fits it so perfectly. 

Its from the Anime - Bungo's Stray dogs, which I have yet to watch. 


I am planning a couple of upcoming posts that I hope you will all enjoy. 

1) Some movie reviews
2) My monthly gaming favourites 
3) All the missed boxes that I forgot to write about 
4) A couple of book reviews
5) My Monthly empties.
6) Some more Vegan food posts

So thats it for this weekend. 

I didn't want to do heavy posts as I wanted the blog to have the vibe of how I'm currently feeling. 

That and I'm glued to PLLs. 

Currently on series six and I can see the end in sight now : (

Thank you for reading 




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