LIFESTYLE : A Comfy Weekend

Hello Everyone! 

So I was lucky enough to have a day off of work yesterday. 

It was a great way to relax and recharge on my own, it also gave me alot of time to think about the blog and the Channels. 

So, hopefully I will be coming at you with some fresh ideas. 


But I thought that I would share some visuals from the weekend so far. 

So yesterday,  it was just the boys and me. 

They've been so attentive and playful recently. 

I decided that I was gonna tidy, reorganise and make the flat super comfy.

I seem to have at least one major clear out a month as we seem to accumulate alot of stuff. 

We will be moving later in the year, so I am trying to keep on top of all the stuff. When we moved two years ago, I had to throw away soon much stuff. Random stuff that I had been holding onto for way too long. 

I decided that I really wanted to bake and cook as it fast becoming one of my favourite hobbies. 

So I made Vegan Sausage and mash, with fried onions and freshly steamed vegetables! 

We recently acquired a steamer and it literally is my best friend as I eat alot of vegetables and rice. 

We did get a couple of learning curve burns along the way though

I also baked a  Cinnamon and Banana Tart : 

In the afternoon, I decided that I wanted to get cracking with one of my monthly goals, to finish pretty little liars. 

Between today and yesterday, I have watched the whole of series five. I forgot how much I liked it and I keep finding myself staring at the screen think what the fffff?

I love just putting on my wireless headphones and zoning out for a couple of hours. I find with shows like this I need to completely focus on them so in doing the headphones and iPad combo compliments it. 

I also got stuck into Naruto, another one of my goals. Sadly I am only 50 episodes deep of over 200.... If I keep going the way that I am, I'll soon be cracking on with it. I've gotten to the knockout rounds of the Churin Exams. 


So today, Luke and I ended up deep cleaning part of the flat, leaving the second half for tomorrow. 

I reset up my bed with my colourful lights in the top picture and with new sheets and a new duvet. 

I have put in an electric blanket so it is super warm and cosy. 

For a while, I have felt like I haven't had my own space in the flat and now I feel like I do.

 I used to have lights like this in my childhood bedroom. I love switching off the big light and watching the colours. I also got a couple of lamps out of storage so that I could set some low lighting around the flat. 

I woke up however from a cheeky nap and well.... I think I pressed my shiny engagement ring into my finger....


But all in all, I think that I had forgotten the importance of a mental health day - I make sure that I take at least one day off a month, but January felt super long. 

I felt so run down mentally, not as if my anxiety was back but just exhausted. 

We have booked in a cinema trip tonight so I'm really looking forward to seeing the last Maze Runner film! 

So thats it for now, I will try and write another blog post from my comfy cave tomorrow! 

Thanks for reading as always! 

(Ps I'm tweaking my blog layout at the moment so let me know what you think!) 




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