LIFESTYLE : February Goals!

Hello Everyone, 

I have to say that January truly felt like the longest month, I was so glad to see it come to an end.

Not that anything bad happened, but that first pay after Christmas always seems just out of reach. 

We managed to keep ourselves occupied with films, books and games of which I need to write about (I am soon behind on posts)  

( I also reality need to get rid of Father Christmas from the layout)

I also successfully stuck to Veganuary and I have some yummy dishes and tips to share with you all! 


With a new month, comes new goals. 

I have to admit that I have yet to completely finish my January goals, so I will also of course also work towards to completing them too! 

1) I want to finish watching Pretty Little Liars 

I am on series five, so I have a couple of series to go. I love the twists and the turns that comes with this show so I am looking forward to some answers! 

2) I want to get my hair cut and possibly dyed. 

If I put it in my goals then I should get around to it....

3) I want to Watch the first series of Naruto. 

What I mean is I want to at least get up to Shippenden. I'm really enjoying it at the moment, I'm 50 episodes deep. My Favourite Character is definitely Kakashi! 

4) Finally, I want to get back into weekly gym sessions

I must admit that I got a little lazy in Jan, I knew that the gym would be overcrowded and therefore I put myself off. But its time to get back to it! My body is currently changing shape due to my newly acquired Vegan diet, so it would be nice to complement this with exercise. 

So thats it for now... a short post to get back into the swing of things. 

Thanks for reading! 




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