LIFESTYLE : Valentines and Lent!

Hello Everyone, 

I hope that you are enjoying the weekend. 

I personally have been spending the day trying to relax and to catch up with the household chores. 

I didn't choose the thug life....

(but to be honest, its the weekend before payday so it always tends to be a quieter one.)


I've had a rather busy week this week, however we managed to squeeze in a valentines day celebration.....

Here is a cute picture of the cats cuddling 

We came home from work, watched some anime and eat some Vegan Pizza. 

It was a lovely night, especially as I was on the later shift at work. 

I have to admit that I feel as though I am very lucky with my romantic situation. Luke and I are entering our seventh year together and are newly engaged. 

I see alot of people struggling to find that someone and people that are splitting up. Its hard to maintain a relationship these days, especially with the influence of social media and the fake ideals that it promotes. We are worried about how we should act in the relationships in comparison to others.

I think love truly is about growing and evolving together.... and sharing the weekly chores, cos otherwise we would kill each other. 


Pancake day also came this week but we have yet to celebrate. 

I am planning to have our feast tomorrow (Sunday) after the gym. 

I thought alot about lent this year, I always try and give something up due my family's religious nature. 

But this year I really struggled, alot of the most common things to give up, I already don't eat due to my Vegan diet. 

 So Luke and I both decided that we are going to take something on instead! 

For the 40 days and 40 nights, we are going to be trying Yoga! 

We have downloaded an app call Down Dog and so far it seems to be just what we need to get started. 

So I'll let you know how this goes, I'm excited by the idea of learning something new! 

So let me know if you are doing lent this year and what you are giving up. 

Thanks for reading 




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