GAMING : Hideaway Gaming is Alive!

Hello Everyone! 

So just a little post to say that Hideaway Gaming is reactivated after a six month hiatus!

It feels rather nice to have both channels back up and running as I will admit that Gaming is my main passion in regards to Youtube. 

The main channel is mainly a vlogging channel at the moment. 

So this week's Gaming video is Pokemon Go in Rome! 

I went to Rome in November (you know when I got engaged) and while I was there I played Pokemon Go. 

Whenever we go somewhere new, we film a video and have a little collection from the past couple of years. 

But I forgot all about the footage until I was going through the camera this week. 

I'm loving playing it again at the moment as there have been alot of updates recently. 

We are trying to be a little bit more active so hunting for Pokemon makes it a little bit more enjoyable. 

So please enjoy the above video, we are currently trying to work out which game to start filming for next weeks videos! 

Thanks for reading 



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