LIFESTYLE AND BEAUTY: Feeling a Little.... Mehr?

Hello Everyone, 

So I thought that I would write an honest post about how I've been feeling the past week. 

Basically, I think that the tail end of winter has left me feeling a tad disconnected from the world. 

The snow made me feel a little cut off from the outside world and also I am trying to save money at the moment so I've been trying to spend more time at home. 

I noticed the immediate difference when the weather changed and the sun came out! 

I took my first selfie of the year. 

My hair is going lighter already 

If I was to self check, I would guess that my depression has been slightly triggered. I am finding myself dwelling a little on the past as I have written before. 

Its time to practise some self care! 


So I thought I would write about how I am going to achieve this over the weekend! 

Firstly, I have talked to my fiancee and told him as to how I am feeling. 

I am blessed in the fact that its not a stronger feeling as last year, my mental health took a massive downturn.

Its hard to be sad with these goofs around 

Secondly, I need to treat my skin. 

I used to be so regimented with my skin, in fact its my most viewed blog post but I lapsed and now my skin is dry again. 

But no more! 

I spent a good 30 mins treating my skin tonight and arranging my many beauty products into groups.

Ready to use. 

The timing of this months Birchbox has been fantasic! 

I will write more about this tomorrow, but the theme is mindfulness! 

I also plan to treat myself with my latest Lush haul 

It had been so long since I went into the store and picked up a few things. 

I also want to treat my nails to a spring makeover. Its time to embrace some lighter colours! 


I really want to get into some reading this weekend. 

I still need to finish this beauty annndddd I have a stack of manga to read. 

Boots wants me to get to the Dragons ASAP

I also plan to watch some of my favourite shows and play some more Pokemon. 

My current favourites are Catfish, Naruto and breaking bad. 


I think its important to notice patterns and to know triggers. 

I think half the battle is realising that there is a problem and knowing how to start to feeling a little more like yourself again. 

I'll keep you all updated! 

Thanks for reading 


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