Hello Everyone, 

So I thought that I would do a quick follow up post. 

At the start of the weekend, I wrote a post in which I said that I was feeling a bit rubbish. 

I was feeling as though my head wasn't in the right place. 

Well over the weekend, I took some real me time and I decided that I was going to do whatever it took to chilli out and get back on track. 

And I did just that...

Firstly, I set up my environment up to be comfy, clean and cosy. 

It helped to me to organise my thoughts and have a tiny clear out. 

My happiest place is my bed and as you can tell its also Boots and Diegos too. 


Secondly, I talked and saw my family over the weekend. 

Its nice to catch up and make plans with each other. 

I had some good news also in regards to an ill family member so it was a good visit. 

Also - I'm loving lighting my candles and just watching the flames dance. 

Especially when I'm reading. 


Thirdly, I sat and completed a game.

My lovely living room 

I completed Game of Thrones, the Telltale game. 

It felt amazing to be immersed into something and I needed some time to escape. 

I plan to write a little review this week about this game and also Life is Strange. 

I also got stuck into the second Game of Thrones book. 


Finally, I have decided that I need to get more excited about the food that I'm eating. 

I follow a Vegan diet, but I have found myself getting bored with the same meals that I am eating. 

So I have decided that I'm going to cook at least one meal from one of my four lovely cookbooks. 

The first two meals will be from Vegan On The Go! 

If they turn out ok, then I will share them on here! 


All in all, I'm feeling good at the moment. 

My head is back in the game, I've pampered myself and I've treated myself. 

I've also had a huge piece of news today.. .that I can't share until its definite, but it is very exciting. 

And grown up, very grown up. 

I think that soon, I'll be picking up the camera and start to vlog again as I really miss it. 

But baby steps. 

But for now, 

Thanks for reading 



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