LIFESTYLE, PERSONAL AND ANIME : Disappointment (?) and Monthly Favourites

Hello Everyone, 

So I really wasn't sure with how to start this post and how to title it. 

Basically, I didn't get the job that I wrote about. 

Honestly, I didn't think I would. 

For me, my current job isn't in the field that I wanna end up in. Its not my endgame, but I was disappointed to find out that I wasn't successful. 

I guess I had gotten my hopes up, but there will be another chance in the future I'm sure. 

I felt rather worthless for the day of the results, but I soon realised that I am good at my current job, the sun is still shining and the bird were still singing. 

It kinda sucked because people had been telling me all week that I was really good and I should get the role so to tell them I didn't was a bit shit.

 I know people have faith in me, but at that moment it felt a little misplaced. 

I went for a walk at lunchtime and I had a knee jerk reaction to the news. It was not one that I was expecting. 

I decided that I was gonna start filming again, the weekly vlogs, gaming videos and standalone videos. 

It was a hobby that I really enjoy doing so why not. I need something outside of work thats mine. Aside from this lovely blog of course. 

People in my life had been mentioning that they had stopped.... I didn't realise that they watched them?!? I know also that people I know read this sooooo hiiiiii ;)

Lucky for me, we saw Shrek the Musical that very night.

It made me lighten up and laugh so much!

I think in the picture below, you can see the days events on my face :


Moving on from the above, I thought that it had been ages since I wrote a favourites post for anything soo its time to change that.... 

I am going to also write about my favourite anime for the month also. 

(There are so many tags in this post title) 

My favourite film: 

So I'll be honest, this one is hard this month as I've seen so many films with my Cineworld card. 

Its between two for different reasons...

The first film is Ready Player One: 

As someone that is an avid gamer, this film had so much to offer me and it certainly delivered. 

The film is set in the future when the Earth is overpopulated and VR is so advanced that people can literally escape to a world called the Oasis. 

Its packed full of 80s music and different gaming Easter eggs that I didn't want it to end.

 I loved it. 

The main storyline is that the creator of the world has died and he has left a competion for someone to inherit his world. 

You learn all about the designers sad backstory and get given some life lessons along to way. I predict we will see this a couple of times, if I'm honest. 

The second film is Love, Simon.

I wrote a post about it last week and about what it meant to me. 

Basically, it centres around Simon, a teenage boy that is scared to reveal to his family and friends that he is gay. 

That is until he starts talking to another lad, Blue via email. 

They share this is common. 

Its a beautiful film that is probably one of my favourites of all time. 

Favourite TV Show: 

I am currently split between my cooking boys. 

Masterchef, Bake Off SU2C and Hells Kitchen 

I've written alot about them in depth before. 

But I am obsessed... I am actually watching Masterchef rightttttt now. 

(pomegrate and squid together... please no)

Favourite Anime

Because of the above, I decided to include my favourite Anime also in this post. 

So I'm still binging Naruto, but I have found another love. 

Its slightly odd and it honestly weirds me out a little but.... 

I keep wanting more.

It is Kakegurui 

Lucky for me, this one is on Netflix. 

The plot interested me as I normally watch alot of superhuman anime and supernatural anime. 

In this one, its about a school in which your performance is not based on grades but in fact on how good you are at gambling. 

They gamble with millions of Yen and collect stupid amounts of debt. 

Those that cannot pay them back become 'house pets' basically sub human and have to bend to the will of the student council. 

Its well worth a watch. There is only one series at the moment, so I am trying not to blaze through it. 

Favourite music

So again this is between two and both are film related. 

The first soundtrack is from Fifty Shades Freed.

The films aren't the best but the soundtracks are bang on. 

I went with my friend to see the film and I swear the songs are STILL stuck in my head. 

The second soundtrack is from the Black Panther. 

I loved this film and it felt as if it was the most authentic that Marvel has managed to push out in a long time. 

Everything was on point. 

The soundtrack was downloading before I even left the cinema. 

My favourite song was All the Stars 


This turned out to be a rather long post. 

If you are still there then thank you! 

Its been an emotional week, but its on the up. 

And there will be a video so you can see it all next week ;)

Thanks for reading 



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