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Helloooo Everyone, 

So I thought it was time to write a little review for one of my favourite shows. 

Pretty Little Liars. 

I set a challenge to watch all seven series in February, not only did I do this, I really enjoyed it. 


But first a little snow update. 

I looked out the window and its melting! 

I've never been so happy to see rain and the sun. 

Hopefully everything will go back to normal. 


Last night though, Luke braved the snow to go to our new Favourite Restaurant in Northampton. 

Mothers Wok and Sushi.

It was a much needed Vegan treat in the cold. 

I had a Vermicelli Noodle box with Carrots, Bean Sprouts, spring onions, onion, fried shallots, broccoli, peppers, baby corn in sweet chilli sauce. 

Oh and Vegetable Spring Rolls. 

Sooooo good! 


So back to Pretty Little Liars. 

I loved this show and it kept me engaged through seven series of 25ish episodes per season.

The premise is that a queen bee of a group of five girls goes missing presumed dead. 

A year later a body is found and the other four girls start getting messages from their dead friend. 

This person knows all their secrets and starts playing dangerous games with their lives. 

The show has alot of twists and turns and alot of What the Eff moments. 

I found that I had to focus on each episode carefully as there are alot of clues and theories as to what is actually happening and who the mysterious person actually is that is tormenting them. 

In the background the girls are also juggling their personal lives and love interests so its a good watch.

My favourite girl is Aria and her relationship with Ezra. 

I was mainly satisfied with the ending, however without going into spoilers, I think that Spencer was screwed over a fair bit. Also, that was the Worst British accent I've ever heard....

There is going to be a new show called Pretty Little Liars the professionals and its going to feature Mona and Ali. 

So I look forward to that! 

I think one day I'll watch it all again so I can spot all the twists before they happen... to see if I missed anything. 

So let me know what you thought about the series! 

Thanks for reading 



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