LIFESTYLE : Snow and March Goals

Hello Everyone! 

So if you were unaware, Britain is currently being visited by the snow and also by an arctic storm. 

I was sceptical at first as here in the Midlands, we seemed to be the last to get snow. 

Below was up until Wednesday. 

But then. Thursday arrived. 

It was 6 below freezing, the snow started to come down thick and fast. 

I didn't think much of it, the roads were covered but I still managed to get around. 

There was a meeting of the managers and we were actually sent home from work as a blizzard was due. 

I'm lucky enough that I can work from home as I have a work laptop. Luke on the flip side is not so lucky. 

We also stayed at home on Friday, below are pictures from today... 

To say everything has seemed to come to a halt is an understatement.

 As a country, England really doesn't do well in the cold or in the warm to be honest. 

The Kitty Kats are hating this weather if I am being honest. 

So I have dedicated today to resting and keeping warm. 

I got to use my teapot and I have to admit this was my breakfast.... 

I have also been watching endless Breaking Bad and Naruto.... 


Which brings me to my March Goals. 

For this month I have set the below : 

I want to finish Breaking Bad

I enjoyed watched Pretty Little Liars last month that I wanted to finish another series that I never got around to. I am already half way through series two! 

I want to catch up with the Marvel Movie Challenge. 

I started this in the first week of January and I have fallen a little behind. As the weather is cold outside... a few nights in front of the TV seem like an excellent prospect. 

Continue with Yoga for Lent 

I decided to take up Yoga for Lent so I just put in here to give me the motivation to keep going! 

To get 16 badges on Pokemon Crystal. 

Another gaming goal, I really want to spend some time on this game. Especially as one of my friends is playing it at the same time. Got a bit of rivalry going on at the same time. Plus with the amount of TV goals I can multitask. 

I want to watch through Naruto Shippenden 

Another anime goal. I loved having a series to watch with Luke. I know that there are 400 episodes to watch buttt they are under 20 mins each so challenge accepted! 

So thats it for the month. 

At the End of March, I will update you with my Jan to March Goal Results! 

Time to get on with some of them! 


So as always 

Thanks for reading 




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