PERSONAL : It's Time

Hello Everyone, 

So this post is going to be personal.... I wrote a Tumblr post this morning that took all of me to create. 

It was inspired by a film that I saw last night call Love Simon. 

I will Transcribe it below :

Love, Simon 

So I had the chance to see this film on an advanced preview last night and I honestly loved it. 

However, it brought to light some struggles that I personally relate to but have never had the courage to address. 

Those that have been in my life for a while and also for a little time know that I had a real struggle with my sexuality when I was a teenager. 

I had feelings for boys and girls and I felt like something was inherently wrong with me. All my other friends knew who they wanted and what they wanted.

Whenever the issue of bisexuality was discussed, the general consensus was that the person was ‘greedy’ . I honestly just fall in love with people’s personalities rather than gender. 

A couple of people found out and well I mentioned I was bullied right? Well now you know the whole reason why.

Why limit love? 

It was only when I was at university that I realised it was ok to feel this way. 

I have never had the strength to tell my parents, I feel like throwing up when I do. Any girlfriends I had were never bought home. Both my families are old school and I don’t know if they would truly understand my feelings. 

It was hard enough telling them I was depressed and diagnosed with anxiety. 

I’m lucky that my fiancĂ©e has an open mind and has helped me to be honest with myself and to have the courage to tell people. 

That being said. This post makes me want to hurle butttt I think it’s time. 

So here goes. I’m bisexual. 

There is a part in the film where Simon encourages people to be true to themselves and post their true feeling. 

I cant remember the hash tag, but thank you Simon.


I think the above says it all, but 12 hours on and I'm freaking out that this is live. 

It feels a relief that its out there at the same time. 

I have shared every other part of me on here... My Mental health, My Vegan Journey and Past and Present relationships. But I was keeping this private. 

Thanks for reading 



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