FOOD & PERSONAL : Thrifty Meal Prep and A Happy Birthday

Hello Everyone, 

So I had a different kind of post planned for today, however today is a special day in The Russell Bowers household. 

Our beloved Kitty Kats turn four years old today! 

We adopted them from someone that noted the date soooooo we can celebrate on the right day! 

They are having a cooked fish dinner and have been out exploring the nice weather so far today.

 We have exchanged happy birthdays and belly rubs so its been a good day for us all! 


So I thought that I would share this weeks meal prep. 

I have to admit that for the past couple of weeks I have been having sandwiches and pots of noodles. 

I really missed meal prepping, but I am trying to save costs, so I thought that I would use up the leftovers that were in the cupboards and in the fridge

I had some Baby carrots, green beans, potatoes and Broccoli left over so I steamed the greens and boiled the potatoes. 

I put half the above in a blender with 250mls of water mixed with stock cube

After it was blended, I did the same to the other half of the ingredients.

And I was left with ALOT of soup  

Its perfect for the week ahead as the temperature is meant to dip again after this heatwave ends. 

I thought that I would also share what I did for Luke as well. 

I made him a pasta bake that I had in the cupboard. 

It was a Mediterranean one and I added cut up salami and covered in Parmesan. 

It will last him about three days and he seemed pretty happy with it. 

So we are set for the first part of the week and it feels good to be emptying the fridge out. 

I also think that you don't need to spend alot to prep. 


Before I finish this post, I would just like to mention that I published the new weekly vlog yesterday! 

You can check it out below : 

Thanks for reading! 




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