LIFESTYLE and YOUTUBE - What's been going on....

Hello Everyone, 

So I have been a little quiet over the past week, but this is because I've been rather busy on the two Youtube channels. 

I find that filming, editing and uploading took me away from writing. 

But it was nice to pour my energy into the weekly vlog and to start and finish a new gaming series on Hideaway Gaming. 

I think that my passion for videos is well and truly back after not uploading for the first three months of 2018.

On Hideaway Blogging (the channel), I uploaded the newest weekly vlog. 

However, it was rather short as I completely forgot to film my day to day life. I instead decided to share my progress on my new years resolutions : 

What took the most time was completing the Mew Challenge on Pokemon Go. 

It required many,many.many laps of my local park. 

I started it in Hastings and finished it in Northampton and I managed to record each level. 

I will link the first and the last video below as there are quite a few now! 

So now this is all over, I have more time to focus on my monthly goals and writing blog posts. 

I have a few stored up that I need to write, which is good because I think that the content will be exciting and not repetitive. 

So in the meantime, have a cute picture of cuddly Diego and I will be back very soon! 

As always thank you for reading! 



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Instagram : @beckydoodah 

Youtube : Hideaway Blogging 


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