LIFESTYLE : Happy Easter Fools Day!

Hello Everyone, 

Happy Easter and April Fools day! 

We have been celebrating by eating dairy free eggs and going for a long walk. 

Basically there is a new challenge on Pokemon Go that has led me to walking a far distance over two days. 

But lets face it, anything that gets me out and about is a win. 

I thought that I was done with Pokemon Go, apparently not. 

Here is the first video that I have created about it....

We have spent the last two days in Hastings and by the sea. 

But I plan to write a post about it and share some lovely photos. Luke had his camera out again and got some amazing pictures! 

But I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a relaxing day and rest of the Bank Holiday weekend! 

I hope that you get to spend it with your family or doing whatever you want to! 

Oh, before I forgot I actually uploaded a video yesterday to the main channel. 

It was a vlog from the last week, which you can check out below :

Thanks for reading as always, it means the world to see that you are there. 



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