TRAVEL : Easter in Hastings!

Hi Everyone, 

So for the first couple of days of the Easter Holiday, Luke and I went down to Hastings to see my Mum. 

It was nice to get away for a night, it encouraged me to get the camera out and to escape work and its stresses. 

Before I left, I got my kit through from Anthony Nolan, so I got my mouth swabbed and sent off! 

It was important that I got it done as I want to join the donor register as soon as I can. 

A doner saved my mothers life, so if I can and I'm a match, I want to do the same. 

I also joined the Blood donor register for the NHS, this is something that I can do three times in a year, where as Anthony Nolan is once in a lifetime. 

I just need to work on my Iron levels as I'm on a vegan diet! 


So back to the weekend. 

On Friday, we left at 6 in the morning and were by the coast for around ten o clock. 

I was reunited with my childhood pet Sidney, he's not been well recently so it was important that he got all the cuddles. 

He recently also lost his sister, so I think that he was a bit lonely and depressed in himself. 

So we engaged him in plays and love.

He was the protector of the Easter eggs to be honest. 

A little while later in the day, we went to my Mum's local church and lit a candle in my Grandparents memory 

When we got back, we had the world's nicest Apple Cake... mmmm 

We crashed shortly after, we watched Masterchef and Hells Kitchen.

The next day, we travelled to the Old Town of Hastings....

We saw the sea, even though the weather was pretty cold, we were lucky not to get the rain.

We then went to get some lunch and went to the Green Cafe in the Old town and had the most amazing food....

Berry blast smoothie 

Luke had a salted caramel Milkshake 

It was the most lovely cafe

We came home and again crashed out. 

Above were the treats that I enjoyed over the break. 

Eton Mess Gourmet Sweets that are vegan friendly and two free from eggs from Sainsburys. The 'milk' chocolate one is my favourite, it tastes just like the real thing!

Its been a rather active four days, I think I'll be going back to work to have a rest haha. 

Thanks for reading 



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jenikya said…
Nice to know about the Candy Kittens. I bought some of those (different flavour) a little over a year ago and didn't realise until later that it contained beef gelatine...which I don't eat (beef). I'll occasionally have gelatine but don't like the idea of it. Put me right off and binned them. I'll keep looking out for the vegetarian-friendly ones.

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