ANIME, GAMING AND LIFESTYLE : April and May Favourites & A Catch up

Hello Everyone, 

So its time for a little bumper post to make up for the last two weeks of writing. 

This is a kind of part two to Yesterdays post!

I have mentioned that I've been poorly. I was struck down with a terrible cold and at the same time, I was suffering with Hayfever. 

Basically, I was drained and really struggled to breathe. I have a narrow nose as it is and it was just horrible trying to sleep. Both my eyes felt like they were being stabbed and my left eye developed a persistent twitch - which I believe was down to the lack of sleep. 

When I get ill, I also find that my anxiety is triggered as I worry that I'm not getting better as quickly as I would like and also the impact that it is having on my life. 

I worry about not writing and filming as they are my passions, I can see views on both going up on the blogs and the channels. I also see the sub counts going up ( thank you so much! ) and I feel like I'm letting people down. 

I know that people in my life watch my videos to feel closer to me as life is always so busy, so if that update isn't there then I feel like crap. 

I know they understand but, my head is a different story. 


So long story short, I'm back. 

I've have some terrible news come in, in the last week, so I think I needed some time to just absorb and get my head around it. 

The main thing is, everyone is ok, well as well as they can be. I'm feeling alot better, I just need to get back into a rhythm with my posts. I miss writing them, I honestly do. in a couple of days its going to be my three year annivesary of Hideaway! 

I also aim to write longer posts as I feel like I tend to hold back, I'm not sure why. But my favourite posts by others, tend to be on the longer side! 

I'm always learning as a blogger, which is something that I still think is very important. This is my space on the internet, the space that I started. 


Right now its time for the favourites. 

In my being ill, I've been able to gather some new favourites together.


So I have two shows that I love at the moment. 

The first is one that I watched in an afternoon. 


So this anime is one that I find speaks to me. Its about a little Red Panda called Retsuko and she is 25 and works in an office. 

She finds that she is lost in life and that all her enthusam for her life is gone. She just wants to get a better job and move on. 

But the best part is with how she copes with the stresses of her day to day life. 

She's all sweet in the day but at night she sings death metal karaoke. 

There is only 10 x 20 min episodes so its easy to get all the way through. 

Roll on series two 

The second is work in progress and it is Naruto, Shippeden and Baruto. 

I orignally thought I honestly wouldn't like this show, but I am falling in love with the characters. 

I am about half way through so I think its too early to write a review. 

But, Kakashi is defo my favourite. 

My poor traumatised favourite. 


All of my favourite cooking shows have come to an end but there is one that I was binging whilst I was laying bed. 

I am on the final series of Breaking Bad 

I find it so easy to watch but at the same time I am constantly on edge,  Luke is also a major fan. 

I know that Walt must be found out as its the last series and I'm trying to be as vague as possible due to spoilers. 

But THAT bomb related death. 


I was eating at the time too....


So I haven't been playing that many games, but there are two on my phone that I am loving. 

The first is one that I have mentioned so many times.

Pokemon Go 

In fact I just published a new video 

The second game is Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. 

Basically its a mobile game in which you go to Hogwarts the year after Harry Potter gets his scar. 

Its fun, you get sorted into a house and you work to get house points and find out what happened to your brother.

I know that there is alot of drama surrounding the mirco transactions but if you are careful these can easily be avoided. 

I just love the feeling of being in one of my favourite worlds. 


So thats it for now. 

I'm back and its time to go to the fair and enjoy the bank holiday!

Thanks for reading 



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