FASHION & PERSONAL : 100,000 Views & Fashion Revolution

Hello Everyone, 

Its currently very warm here in the UK, which is lovely as tomorrow is a Bank / National Holiday

( I stole one of Luke's pictures - check out his instagram.... His pictures are actually very good)

Luke and I have been out at the park and in the garden, getting it back to being weed free and also to being under control. 

I wanted to be at the point where I could hang some washing outside and also could just chill outside. 

I'm happy to say that we, as a team, succeeded in doing this. I will talk more about this later when I show you all the pictures from this weekend. 


But in this post, I wanted to talk about a couple of things. 

Firstly, today is a MASSIVE milestone for this humble blog. 

Today, I looked this morning and realised that I was over the 100,000 view threshold. 

Now when I start blogging, I never thought that someone like me, could get this far.

 I didn't think that anyone actually cared that much about what I have to say. 

I considered myself lucky if, you know, I got ten views on one of my blog posts, it blows my mind that they now average 400 each. 

Some are in the thousands of views. 

So, thank you reader. 

Its a lovely feeling to know that you are there, reading about my life and my likes. 

I may or may not know you personally, but I appreciate you. 


So time for the main bulk of the post. 

Its actually a fashion post, I'm not really the best when it comes to talking about fashion, so I tend to shy away from it. But this is a topic that really speaks to me. 

I've wanted to talk about it for a while, but I wasn't sure how to start. 

That was until I hand cleaned My New Look sneakers. 

So, its time to tell a story about these pink shoes. 

They are from New Look and I bought them with another pair of trainers in a 2 for 1 deal. 

I didn't really want either of them at first, but I bought them because them simply because they were cheap (The pair I really wanted were in the wrong size) 

Well it was that and Luke was on at me to get some 'sensible walking shoes'. 

Up until then I was wearing flat black dolly shoes. 

I basically live in them. 

I then left both pairs in the shoe cupboard for about six months. 

I dug out this pair of shoes when I was filming a Pokemon Go video and I got them caked in Mud. 

Luke's shoes were also just as bad. 

We both kinda had the attitude that we should just throw them away, they were so dirty and cheap so what was the harm? 

Fast forward a month, and both pairs of shoes were still sitting in the garden, sheltered by the door. 

I glanced at them everyone and again, meaning to put them into a bin bag. 


Then I read this Blog Post by Marzia in which she talks about sustainable fashion and something called the Fashion revolution. 

In summary, she talks about the culture that we have of buying cheap, buying to excess, buying for the sake of it and not thinking about the people that have been paid so poorly to make it. 

I had a horrible feeling in my stomach as I thought of those shoes. 

The shoes that I had worn once and basically written off. Even though there were extremely comfy and rather pretty.  It literally took me about ten mins per shoe to get back to normal. 

I am guilty of filling my wardrobe with cheap things, especially for work and disregarding them when a button falls off for example. I don't even try to fix them. 

I'm not sure if its my generation, because alot of my friends are like this and my parents aren't. 


The article was a really good read and it led me to make the following resolutions

1) I want to buy a sewing kit and sew on all the buttons and patch the minor holes that I have just ignored. 

                         The worst part is my grandmother taught me how to do all this. I guess I'm just a little lazy? This is instead of throwing clothes away and disregarding them as scrap 

2) I want to stop buying really cheap clothes for the sake of it.

                         Basically, this is for a few reasons. I know that they won't last very long.... like literally like a month. I also know that if I save for something, I'm more likely to appreciate it.  Finally, I now know the impact that this type of buying is having on the creators and the environment. When I moved between flats, I threw away seven bin bags worth of clothes that I bought and didn't wear more than a couple of times. I tried to donate what I could. 

3) I want to try and buy from sustainable sources and support smaller brands. Where possible. I am aware that this is going to be a little pricy. So I think I will do as Marzia suggested, I'll question myself as to whether I really need something. I'll also be sure to check the quality of something before I buy it too. 


So I guess this story has a happy ending. 

I learnt something, and I got my shoes back... and guess what so did Luke

So the reason for this blog post, is not to be all preachy, its just to share a new way of thinking that I am adopting. 

I feel like in doing this, I'll probably save some money in the long run, perfect my crafting skills and also help the enviroment in a small way.


So thanks for reading. 

Let me know if you have any similar thoughts.



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