Hello everyone, 

Long time, no see. 

Sadly, its due to illness. 

For the past week and a half, I've been rather under the weather. I've been suffering from a bad cold, mixed with Hayfever. 

At some points I was really struggling to breathe. 


But I will talk about the past couple of weeks later this weekend. 

For now, I thought that I would share what I am working towards over the coming month. 


May Goals 

1) I want to Clean up the Garden. 

Its finally starting to be nice weather here in England, so I want to take this opportunity to clear the Garden. 

Its a nice little space, but at the moment, its a tad wild. 

I also want to plant some more flowers. 

2) I want to have a smarter money month. 

We came up with a fun forfeit of having to explain reckless spending to the weekly vlog and why we thought that we needed it. 

This is all geared towards paying over overdrafts and moving into our own home

3) Catch up with Sherlock. 

I started watching the series with Cumberbatch but I never finished it. So I figured that its time to do so

4) Have a picnic in the park

This is again tied in with the weather. I want to have a nice picnic and chill on a blanket in the sun. 

5) To Try and get 16 badges on Pokemon Heartgold. 

I've never done it and now its time! 

6) To complete any leftover goals from May 

As I was sick for what felt like forever, I decided to cut myself some slack and give myself longer to complete last months goals. 

So thats my set of goals. 

I'll check in soon and let you know how they all went! 

Thanks for reading 


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