LIFESTYLE & TRAVEL: Let the Holiday Begin!

Hello Everyone! 

So as of Friday, I am on holiday for nine days! 

Its well overdue and its nice to have some freedom. 

I think the stresses of my 9-5 job were spilling into my everyday life. 


So for day one, I went to the Races in Chichester. 

It was a work event so I didn't have to pay anything. 

We had a group picnic, so for my contribution, I baked some cakes. 

I made Lemon cupcakes and triple chocolate cakes. 

I forgot to take a picture of them when they were iced! dooohhhhhhhh. 

The Lemon Cakes were dairy free so I could eat those ones, I was told that the chocolate ones were to die for. 

However as I was doing a mass bake, The chocolate ones weren't done in a baking tin so the mixture escaped. oooops. 
So the day in chichester was really nice. 

The weather was very warm and the sun was out in full force. 

In fact, I tanned quite nicely (only burnt a tiny bit). 

It was nice to relax with people that I work with because we've all been under pressure lately. 

We managed to pick a few winners and we had a great day. The only downside was the travel there. it was doubled due to traffic. 

I filmed the day so look out for the video tomorrow on the main channel. 


Today was a day of sorting out chores before our trip to Derbyshire tomorrow, 

However this evening, a massive storm erupted above the flat. apparently the flash flooding has left parts of the town under water! 

I love watching storms. But this time was different. Boots and Diego were trapped outside so we stood in the storm, calling them over the fence. 

Some of the lightening and thunder was right over the house! 

They both get scared with loud noises so it was important to get them back. 

Took an hour but they are safely home and dried and fed. 


So we are all ready for our trip tomorrow. 

I am taking my laptop so I am hoping that I can do some blogging there! 

Until then, 

Thanks for reading 



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