PERSONAL: Three years of Hideaway Blogging & A Royal wedding!

Hello Everyone! 

I hope that you are all having a great weekend. 

Here in the UK, we have been celebrating a certain wedding.....

We had a morning feast to munch on during the pre wedding commentary as the wedding guests arrived.

What was lovely is that my Mum came to join us, she drove all the way up from the south coast of England (about a three hour drive).

We watched Wills and Kates wedding together so it was great to compare the two. 

It was a lovely service and one of those moments that made me proud to be a Brit. 

I have to admit that I love the royal family... I still fondly remember last year when we saw the Queen in the flesh albeit really quickly. 

Its in this video: 

This afternoon, we went to the town centre and joined in the festivities. 

Its lovely to see the country come together.

We also bumped into the royal couple....

My face looks really red. I have to admit that I have a nasty sun headache at the moment, I didn't wear any lotion and it was roasting today! 


So its time for the main bulk of the post. 

On May 9th, Hideaway Blogging turned three years old. 

I missed it as this past week has been extremely busy ( as you will see from the weekly vlog), but I did celebrate the occasion. 

Three years ago, the idea of writing and putting my thoughts out there terrified me. But I wanted a hobby that was mine, something more than just working 9-5 and coming home. A place to channel excess energy and also to help clear my mind. 

I wanted a space on the internet that was mine. 

Eventually, I expanded into Youtube. 

One day, I'd ideally like to try and go full time. I'd like to have the extra time to be able to record more videos and blog daily. I'd like to create a real area from the Hideaway brand. 

A safe place for people to relax. 

I never thought that this would be possible but since I reached 100,000 views... it seems like the blog could keep growing. But who knows?

What I would like to say is thank you to all of you that watch the channels and read the blog. 

It honestly means the world. 

There was a very dark time last year in which the blog was one of the minimal bits of joy that I had. 

But more about that tomorrow. 


So thats it for now. 

Who knows where we will be this time next year?

I need to go and hydrate and treat my burnt skin! 

Thanks for reading and congrats to Harry and Meghan! 



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