LIFESTYLE : The Finale of A Picture Everyday in June Goal

Hello Everyone, 

So its the last day of the month so its time to wind up this monthly goal. 

I've really enjoyed having a daily goal that I can measure. This time I measured it via instagram.

I think that I will extend it for the duration of the summer, I am a summer born child so I always find this time of the year is the busiest. 

So here is the final week..... 

Day 24 : 

So I decided to get my cook on for the world cup. 

I am loving cooking everything from Scratch at the moment, its an easy street relief for me as I had a real tough start to the week. 

Being on a vegan diet is not as restrictive as I first feared and I am finding loads of ways to reproduce some old favourites. 

I made a rather rustic brushetta as I love my veg on the chunky side. 

The main event was spaghetti and 'meatballs'. Its fast become one of Lukes favourites.

Day 25

I previously wrote a blog post about this day, but it was a rather bad one. 

Things at work didn't go my way and I felt rather down in myself.  The sun was shining so I decided to snap a quick pic of this tree and the blue sky. 

Day 26 

A trip to the cinema in Milton Keynes

In Mk, they tend to show a wider range of films and with us already having Cineworld cards, we still don't have to pay. 

So we went to go and see an Anime called Maquia, when the promised Flower blooms. I plan to write a review, but I loved it. 

Never has a film made me blub like a baby as this one did. 

My poor heartstrings..... 

Day 27 

So while I was in MK, I went to the Local Waterstones. 

For the month of July, I am focusing heavily on reading so I needed to get some books that interested me. 

I picked the next Game of Thrones book as I've finished the first two. I find that in reading the books, that I am understanding various storylines alot easier than I did in the TV series. 

I plan to write a review on them so keep tuned in for that. 

I also picked up the complete works of Sherlock Holmes as I've wanted to read them since I was a teenager and I fell in love with the design of this edition. 

Its a lovely green and gold book with a fingerprint on the back. 

I also decided that I wanted to read the Hunger Games series. I love the first two films, but really struggled with the third and fourth. I'm hoping that in reading the books, again I will understand the story more. 

Day 28

Another Exploration into cooking 

I was meant to be giving blood the next day so I wanted to get some veggies into our system. Plus I loved how the colours looked all together. 

I made rice noodles with Sweet Chilli Sauce, peppers and Snap peas. 

But the main event was these rice wrapped veggies, again with sweet chilli sauce. 

I made them a little on the bigger side which I won't do the next time I make them. 

They were a bit more than a mouthful! 

Day 29 

It was time to set July's goals. 

They will be discussed in tomorrows post, but they are all geared around Gaming, Learning and reading. 

I'm really looking forward to this upcoming month! 

Day 30

The final picture and the debut of the 'Summer List'. 

All the things that Luke and I want to do before September 21st. 

I'll not lie the list keeps getting longer and longer. But its nice to have some things to do together as my monthly goals are just for me!


So thats it for this monthly goal. 

Tomorrow, I will let you know about the next lot of goals! 

Thanks for reading 



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