LIFESTYLE : Missing Diego & June's Goals

Hello Everyone! 

We are back from holiday and I have to say it was a really nice time. 

I'll be writing a post about it but for now here is the video of it: 


However, we did have a bit of drama over the past couple of days. 

Diego, our smaller cat, went missing. 

We saw him when we got home on Friday afternoon, but then he went out after dinner and wasn't seen again all of Saturday. 

Its very unusual for him, he's normally more of a home cat, he loves being around us, being fussed, talking to us.  I always worry about him because he was the runt of the litter, he was neglected by his mum so he didn't grow to full size. He also has a slightly deformed stomach.

He only goes out really to enjoy the sun and to use the toilet. 

I think both of us told ourselves that he would be fine throughout the whole of yesterday, we had a cheeky look at the back of the garage around lunchtime. But nothing. 

The day went on and we spoke to the neighbour, Diego doesn't trust other people, but he seems to trust them. Nothing. 

It got to later afternoon and we both began to panic. 

This REALLY wasn't like him. 

I went out till complete pitch black and nothing, I did find Boot's collar that he had lost the day before. It looked like someone had taken it off. 

We went on the Facebook group for the street and people started looking in their garages. Nothing. 

Luke refused to move from the garden fence and kept calling him. It broke my heart. He was in tears. His compassion for animals is something that I love the most about him.

We both refused to go to bed and I put a random box set on I player. 

We both kinda drifted off. 

I went to the toilet at around 3am, Nothing. 

I came out of the toilet and guess who was sitting on the fence. DIEGO. 

I ran out into the Garden, no shoes, we have a peddled garden. Scooped him up and fed him so many treats. I won't lie, I cried. 

We think he was trapped, he was so hungry, he'd been gone for over 36 hours. 

He and his brother got salmon, pouched food and biscuit.

I have never been so relieved, plus it showed how lovely our neighbours are. 


He's been fussed so much and so has his brother. 

Boot's behaviour totally changed, he knew something was wrong. He was being so cuddly, loud and it looked like he was helping us look for his brother. 

Pets eh?


So with all the drama, I'm rather tired. 

So I thought that I would share my goals for June. 

1) I want to do one 'big' walk a week. 

One of the best parts of our Trip to the Peak District is that we were out and about everyday and we were seeing some lovely views. 

Also, its a great way to get some extra exercise in so, I'm hoping that this is a goal that we will smash

2)  I want to catch up with Poldark 

I love this show, but I fell a bit behind with it, so before the new series starts, I want to catch up with the episodes I missed. 

3) I want to put some time into Skyrim 

I had to be careful with how I worded this goal, because the world of Skyrim is a broad one. Basically, I want to set it as a goal as I would like this to be my gaming focus. I'm stuck on a certain part that I need to put some effort into, so hopefully I can get a bit further in it. 

4) I want to take a boat ride on the Thames. 

I'm due to go back to London next weekend and I am hoping that we can take a boat ride and see London in a different way! 

5) Take one picture a day in June. 

This has come from the idea that when I'm on holiday, I just take the one picture to represent one day. 

I'm not a fan of having photos of every little thing. 

So I thought that through the month of June, I would take just the one picture and share a bit of every day life. I will share them to the Insta page, Tumblr and Facebook page for the blog. 

At the end of every seven days, I will share a blog post with you all to tell you the stories behind them! 


So thats the end of the post, thanks for reading.

I think that for the rest of the day, I will be editing a new gaming video and try to get some rest. 

Its back to work tomorrow! 



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