LIFESTYLE: A Picture every day in June #1

Hi Everyone, 

So if you recall, one of my monthly goals for June is to take a picture a day for the month. 

I thought that as we are at the half way point, I would do a little update! 

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Day one : 

Day one was actually the last day in Derbyshire. 

I decided to take a picture of the private bit of lake that was outside our cottage. There was a family of river voles that lived there as well as geese and their goslings. 

It was so peaceful and I truly miss it. 

Day two: 

I will talk more about this in the upcoming weekly vlog, but Diego went missing for a day and a half. It scared us alot. But thankfully he was ok. We have taken this picture ages in advance.

When I couldn't sleep, I was really worried that this would be the last picture of his face that we would take.

Day three: 

I bought the most beautiful bouquet from the market. 

I just wanted to show it off :) 

Day Four : 

A soup 'box' from my favourite Japanese restaurant. It was packed with veggies and noodles. We also shared Vegetable spring rolls, but they were eaten too quickly for the picture haha. 

Day Five 

We had a picture of Diego so it was only fair that we got one of Boots. He was being really cuddly to me so I took the opportunity to grab a sneaky picture. He just loves showing off his bean toes! 

Day six : 

Two Goals collide. We went for a long walk at Delepare abbey and around its grounds and lakes. 

It was after a stressful day at work so it was much needed. 

Day Seven 

Another one from the walk. I went for so long thinking that I lacked the confidence to take selfies due to my anxiety that it was nice to do a little pose! 

Day Eight: 

You may already know this if you watched the London's calling video. But Luke and I are learning Japanese together. I am also brushing up on my German separately. 

I am using a few different apps and techniques. So maybe at the end of the year, I'll let you know how its going. 

Day nine: 

I am always on the hunt for lovely vegan treats and I stumbled upon these energy balls from Deliciously Ella. 

I have since tried all the flavours and I love them all. I have also tried her brand new peanut butter mini energy balls and love them too. 

I plan to keep them as a permanent fixture for my work lunches. 

Day ten

Our trip to London, I wrote a post about this one, so I'll keep it brief here. 

It was a lovely day for my Mum's birthday. 

Luckily my leg is almost mended haha. 

Day Eleven : 

More Food! 

I am always trying to recreate my pre Vegan days treats. 

This time, I tried to make a bacon cheese burger with cheesy chips: 

I also chucked some ketchup, lettuce, red onion and gherkins in there. 

I used violife grated cheese for the chips  and in the burger:

Day Twelve :

Diego was being rather affectionate and when Luke was holding him, he decided to climb on his shoulder and perch. 

He then sat on Luke's back which was adorable so I got it on camera. 

Day Thirteen 


So it was my Mum's actual birthday so I deliberately kept a few pictures back and posted them on the day


Day Fourteen: 

This was a peaceful picture that I chose to post after I had a job interview. 

I was proud of myself for putting myself out there. 

I had a sense of calm similar to this picture. 

Take that anxiety! 

Day Fifteen 

Its been over six months since I went fully vegan and started to get my body back. 

Its not been plain sailing, but looking at these pictures make me sure that I made the right decision.

 The picture on the right was taken just before Christmas and the one on the right is this week. 

I have made the decision to ignore the scales as I find them counter productive and I was getting to the point that I was weighing myself several times a day. 

I'm just making healthy choices and taking pictures every now and again. 

 The picture on the right was taken on the day I got engaged in November and the one on the left was this week. 


So thats for the first half of the month!

I'm really enjoying this goal so far

Thanks for reading 



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