LIFESTYLE : A Picture Everyday in June #2

Hello Everyone, 

Its time for the next instalment of this monthly goal to take a picture a day! 


Day 16

We celebrated Father's day a day early.

I went round my Dads and my Grandad also came round. 

It was really good to catch up and celebrate my Grandad's good health and Fathers Day. 

The weather was really bright until a little rain shower and this little guy came out. 

It was so clear that you could even see the purple in the rainbow! 

Day 17: 

A Day at home doing chores and chilling out. 

Went to make the bed and the kitty kat was taking a nap! 

Day 18: 

I wanted to show off my new Griffindor pocket watch from my Wizarding World of Harry Potter Loot crate. 

The theme was House Pride and I just fell in love with it. 

Its a fully working watch! 

Day 19: 

The sky looked so beautiful so I just wanted to document it. 

Day 20 : 

It was the Day of a secret screening! 

We got free pepsi max and I found me some Vegan Jelly beans.

And the secret movie was......

We were lucky enough that we got to see this movie almost a month early. 

It was worth the decade of waiting! 

Honestly, its so good. 

Day 21: 

A beautiful sunset on the longest day and the first day of summer! 

Day 22 

Some progress with the old Japanese learning. 

The App has taken away the training wheels and now I'm onto the symbols. 

I'm feeling my confidence building. 

I'm using three different apps and I'm ordering a workbook to use as well! 

Day 23: 

Today. Its been a relaxing day as Luke has been at work. I had the urge to download the Sims 3 ad watch back to back films and eat some Vegan snacks. 

I have quite a busy job so it felt good to step off the treadmill. 


So that is us all caught up for now! 

Thanks for reading 



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