TRAVEL : The Peak District

Hello everyone, 

I thought that I would write a little post about the recent trip we took to the Peak District. 

(If you want to skip the post and just watch the video... you can do so below)

If you aren't familiar with my travel posts, I only take and post one picture per day of my holiday. 

I am not a fan of having pictures of every little thing as I think its messy and it adds extra value to the one image that you have chosen to be the one! 

Day one: 

(Ok so this is two....) 

We didn't arrive in Litten Mill till around 3pm (as that was the check in time for the cottage ( you can check out the tour in the video.))

We went and gathered supplies from the local Morrisons and had a feast by the river. 

The cottage was in the middle of a valley, so no signal and completely cut off from the world. 

It was so peaceful. 

Around 7pm, Dad asked me whether we wanted to go on a little after dinner walk. 

Little did I know, this meant climbing the side of the valley!!!

I did it though, although I was knackered after .

I believe that it was called Monsal head? 

Day two : 

So, there was one thing that Luke really wanted to do. 

That was to climb Mam Tor, which is a massive hill!

I thought that after the climb, the day before, I needed to wear something that was comfy. Hence the attractive gym gear.

In fact its all I wore, I didn't find myself cold or anything. 

So we did it! 

It was a massive achievement for me, and it showed me that my body is truly changing.

The weight loss, the strength I'm gaining and the endurance to actually keep going. 

Day Three 

The weather turned and started raining fairly badly. 

So we decided to go and investigate Bakewell, home of the famous tart. 

In fact, we wanted to try the original, the Bakewell pudding. 

It was really nice! 

Before we left, we went to the lovelock bridge and we put our little black lock on the bridge :) 

Its nice to have someone to do these kind of things with. 

Day four. 

The Final day. We went to Buxton. 

We went for a rather long walk, we kinda got lost a few times. 

But we found Solomon's temple and well.... I played castle 

A little close up. 

Being a small person makes me appreciate heights! 

Day Five - The journey home. 

The only real thing I miss is the river outside the cottage. It was a little private area, where we could sit and watch the geese, the ducks, the birds and the River voles!

I got SO much footage of them all. I think I am happy when I am next to a body of water. 


All in all, it was amazing. 

The most amazing part is that we didn't pay for anything. My father was so generous, Luke and I are very close to buying our first house so every penny counts at the moment. 

Tomorrow, I will have some pictures from London. 

Luke and I took my Mum there for a early birthday treat! 

so for now

Thanks for reading 



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