A Special Announcement for Post 600!

Hello Everyone! 

So I realised that I reached post 600 a couple of posts back. 

I wasn't sure how to celebrate but then something wonderful happened. 

I received an email from University to say that I had my results confirmed for my Postgraduate course! 

Three, almost four, years of hard work, paying fees and also holding down a full time job had paid off.

The course finished in October, so I have been waiting a long time but now its done. 

I previously recorded a video that I made private but for the occasion I have made it public again: 

My degree was a big subject on the blog and its weird to see that door close. 

I have alot of feelings that I'm not sure how to process. 

I've been a student for so long, since the age of 4.... so thats 22 years. I want to go and become a teacher, but first its operation house and wedding! 

Thank you to everyone that has watched my videos, has left me lovely feedback over the years and also taken the time to motivate me. 

It honestly means the world. The best thing to come from this postgrad study? Honestly, this blog. 

One of the assessments was to write a blog and I thought I could do this in real life..... 

I plan to write more about what University taught me when I've had more time to reflect. 

But for now.... I did it. 

I'm a history grad twice over!

Thanks for reading 



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jenikya said…
Congrats on the news http://jenikya.com/blog

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