LIFESTYLE & ANIME: June/ July Favourites

Hello Everyone, 

So I thought that I would talk about some Monthly favourites. 

As I feel as though I have alot to share this month, I will do Beauty, Books, music and Gaming in a different post. 

Before I start with the main post, I will just share that I uploaded a video to the main channel. 

It was actually filmed a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to make sure that I used the footage and didn't waste it 

It features a couple of loot crates that didn't make it to the blog. 


So I will start with... 


Ok, so my favourite things to watch on the TV at the moment is the footie. I'm currently writing this as I'm watching England TRY to win against Colombia. 

But in terms of other shows, I am readdicted to Desparate Housewives. Its back on Now TV and for some reason I never watched the end of it.... 

I'm back in season one with Mary Alices story and its like being back among old friends. 

I love the comedy and the twists and turns of the show! 

I think its safe to say that Gabby is my favourite wife. 

Here are some of her best moments :


So my favourite film of the month was definitely Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. 

I love love love Dinosaurs, ever since I watched Walking with dinosaurs as a kid. 

There was only ONE way that I wanted to see it and that was in 4DX. 

It honestly felt as though the dinosaurs were there and we were staring into the eyes of the Trex. 

As for the film, I really liked it and again I shed a few tears. 

But this is because, Dinos are animals and I prefer them to people. 

The story is that Isla Nublar is going to have a deadly volcano eruption and the dinosaurs are trapped. 

Politicians say that they should be saved, but luckily some disagree and travel to help them. 

There is a scene in particular in which, we realise not all the dinosaurs can be saved and well.... you watch what happens to the ones that get left behind. 

Worst part is.... you hear it. 

I feel as though the film really sparks some debates, especially when the dinosaurs that are being saved and being used to be sold on the black market. 

Just give them an effing break ok? 


So my favourite anime at the moment is a move called Maquia, when the promised flower blooms. 

I went to go and see it last week in Milton Keynes. 

I was taken with how visually beautiful the film was and how the story literally tugged at my heart strings.

 I never cry during movies, the only time I get close is if an animal is in distress but this film had me blubbing like a little baby. 

I actually lost control of my emotions and had to wear my sunglasses out of the cinema (you can see this in the weekly vlog...) 

But let me tell you about it a bit more. 

The film is about a 15 year old girl called Maquia. 

She is from a race of weavers that never age. They are said to weave the fabric of time and space together. 

She gets separated from her people and she encounters a little baby that has been orphaned. 

She decides to adopt him, knowing she will outlive him and that her heart will get broken. 

Its a beautiful story that questions the child parent relationship. It made me think to my Grandmother, who sadly passed away when I was a child. 

Those last ten minutes will haunt me, they were brutal to my emotions. 

I need to watch it again, in the comfort of my own home... with some tissues. 

Here is the trailer.... 

I can tell that I liked it because I couldn't help but think about it for at least a week after it. 

Instant favourite. 


So thats it for now. 

England are about to take penalties to see if they go through. 

We don't have a great track record.... 

Thanks for reading 



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