Hello everyone! 

So its time to reveal this month's goals. 

They are all geared around the idea of trying to chill out. 

I've set timed goals so that I can structure each day into being more productive. 

(I also have some goals to carry over, and they are written in the journal on the left - they won't be mentioned below) 

1) To do five mins a day on my Japanese and German apps. 

The ones that I have on my phone are Duolingo , German Drops and Japanese Drops (I am leaving Rosetta stone alone for the time being). 

I plan to buy myself a Study book at the end of the month, but I need to get the basics down. 

2) Read 15 mins a day. 

It doesn't sound like a long time, but 15 mins is just a minimum. 

Its the average chapter length.

 I want to make sure that all the goals compliment each other and all fit into an hour space ;)

If you want to see what books I have picked up, look at yesterday's post! 

3) Game for 30 mins a day 

Again, its not the longest time slot but I want it to be achievable. I feel as though I'm letting my favourite hobby down so I need to get back on it. 

4) To see Jurassic World in 4dx 

I have waited along time to go to a 4dx film and I felt as though the new Dinosaur movie would be perfect! 

I'm not sure what to expect but I hope that its going to be amazing 

5) To watch a movie every two days. 

I need to clear my Tivo box (its at 91% full)  and there are soon many films that I want to see at the cinema so I thought that this would be a fun goal to set. 

So the above goals are very specific so to manage them, I have filled out my Ohh Deer weekly planner with little check boxes. You can see it above (its the pink object in the picture).

I will let you know how they go! 

For now, Thanks for reading! 



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