LIFESTYLE: Where have I been?

Hello everyone, 

Sorry for the absence. I think that it safe to say that the World Cup took over our lives. 

It was also everywhere at work, we had a world cup theme and all the desks were dressed up as the different countries. 

My team got England so it was easy for us to decorate and to present food in the world cup buffet. 

I made an afternoon tea and Lemon Drizzle cake. 


I have a video, hopefully coming tomorrow, in which I filmed us watching the Sweden vs England game in London. 

I'm kinda sad that the football is over as we watched every game from start to finish and it did almost come home. 

I was at my Dads when we lost to Croatia.

Sad times. 


I also got involved in the fantasy football league at work, so yeah I was pretty busy. 

Combine that with many cinema trips, reading, working and trips to London and I didn't have time for much writing and vlogging. 

But, it does mean that I have many stories to tell and lots that I can share on here! 


But for now, its time to slowly get back into the blog and the channels. 

Its my birthday very soon, so lot of exciting plans ahead! 

Thanks for reading 



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