I'm 27!

Hello everyone,

So, on Monday, I celebrated my 27th Birthday and I am officially another year older. 

I celebrated with my Fiancee and my Mother in Northampton. 

It was a lovely day, We ate breakfast and went shopping. I then got to watch back to back Harry Potter films. 

They surprised me with a Bakewell tart and Vegan Ice cream.

So I thought that I would write a little post about where my head is at, at the moment. I always get reflective around this time of year, which I think is only natural. 

I find that my approach has changed in alot of different areas of my life, I think that I am working out what is truly important and what isn't. 

This time last year, I had the worst eight weeks of my life and sadly my 26th Birthday fell into that timeline. 

Mentally, I was very unstable but now I feel like a whole new person. 


So I am going to take it subject by subject. 

Its going to be a long post and I know of late that I haven't really given this to the blog in the last couple of months. So please bear with me, I don't want to drag it out! 


Water and food

This is probably the one that is making the most impact so I figured that I would start here. 

At the start of the year, I went fully Vegan after being in denial about my allergy to milk and intolerance to other dairy products. 

I still ate Cheese and chocolate to be polite over christmas and was left in the worst pain, I was so bloated you will see below that I could have been passed off as Pregnant. 

Below is my seven month check in. I decided to ditch the scales a couple of months ago so just take pictures now. 

Not too shabby. 

However there was one more change that I have made recently that has done me wonders. 

So, I should point out that I am not a major drinker, so the way that I reward myself is with something fizzy. Normally Coke or Pepsi. 

I would order four big bottles a week for the house to share with Luke and they would arrive on Friday.

 However, alarm bells started ringing when these were running out by Tuesday. 

My skin also took a battering, which is odd because my diet is healthy otherwise. 

I decided that for a week, I was going to cut it out and drink as much water as I could. It was the week that the UK was really hot so it wasn't as hard as it might have been. 

I feel as though, I'm so much healthier, my skin is great and my stomach is even tighter! 

I still have the four bottles that I ordered on Friday, still sitting on the shelf and I will allow myself the odd treat. 

But, for now, this is how I'm going forward. 

Also on the subject of food, I'm trying to get a little more creative with my cooking and building up skills! 

Beauty / Confidence 

So, I was looking back at earlier posts that I wrote on Hideaway and some of the instagram pictures that I just to put up. 

They used to be so Beauty focused, because lets face it, I was a beauty blogger. 

I feel like I was a pretty good one as well. 

But as the anxiety took hold, this was the one area of the blog that suffered the most. Mainly because it involved posting picture of my face. 

Not only that but, my skin took a battering. My skin started flaking, which I'm now told was just my whole body getting stressed out. 

My confidence went to absolute zero. It got to my birthday, and I thought it was time to get back on the horse. I took the above picture and I instantly felt better. 

I could go on about this subject for ages, but its time to do some more beauty posts, I have plenty of ideas sorted up and I also had a massive clear out! 

Blogging & Youtube 

So I touched on the blogging aspect above, however there is a one more thing that I want to add. 

I feel as though the blog has been neglected over the past couple of months and when I did I felt like it was very selective. 

I used to prize myself on being an open book but, I had this new wall that built itself and I really struggled to take it down. 

I want to do more specialist posts that I can spend some real time in writing. 

I already have a tonne more ideas to write about. I'm not going to set days or amounts of posts for the week. 

I'm just going to let it flow organically. 


I have to keep asking myself - who is putting the pressure on me? Normally the answer is me. 


With Youtube, I am planning on ditching the weekly vlogs for one subject a week. 

I think that I've done it for the last 9 months and its time to do something new!

Again, I have alot of ideas so hopefully you will all love them! 


Hobbies (aside from Hideaway) 

So I'm really keen to get this area of my life under control. I'm guilty of coming home from work, being in my head about the day and just watching the TV. 

When I have so many things that I actually wanna do. 

Use my Cineworld card

Read alottttt

Continue to Learn Japanese 

And play games, especially since I now have a brand new switch! 

There needs to be a balance between the channel, blog and these, but first I need to find the motivation to do them.

There has been a change around at work and in the past week, I have felt myself alot more chilled after work. I'm hoping it will last and I'll retain some energy! 

It might mean less posts, but in the long run I'll have more to write about, so it might be worth it! 


So I guess, to sum it all up. 

I want this year to be about regaining that self confidence that I use to pride myself on. I want to be the healthiest version of myself that I can be. 

Get out there, get moving. 

But also focus on the things that make me happy. 

I'm done wasting time. 

Thanks for reading 


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