LIFESTYLE : July Goal Results & August Goals 2018

Hello Everyone!

So its that time of the month in which I set some goals for the next 30ish days. 

But before that I am going to review the goals from July. 

For the first time all year.... I actually did them all in time! 


So here were the goals :

1) I want to see Jurassic World in 4DX. 

This was the goal that I was the most excited for. I had always dreamed about meeting a real dinosaur and I feel as though this was one of the only experiences that could make me feel like I could. 

We went to Milton Keynes and it was an amazing experience. 

The seats shook as the T- Rex walked, and you could feel him breathe on your face. AMAZING. 

I loved the film and it actually made me cry. 

Watching that beautiful Herbivore get left behind and die was heartbreaking. 

Animals, honestly are the one thing that I love the most in this world and the one thing that can reduce me to a quivering wreck when they are hurt. 

Boots and Diego have me wrapped around their little bean toes!

2) To Read 15 mins a day 

Before I said this goal, I bought three new books that I really wanted to read. 

I'm happy to say that I am in love with the Hunger games and it has kind of reminded me of my love and the calming effect of a good book.

I find it relaxing after a day at work to just read a couple of chapters. 

3) To play 30 mins of a Game a Day

This was the one that I worked the hardest on as I knew that it was the one that I was most likely to abandon first. 

Don't get me wrong, I am a massive gamer, but in the week, I find it hard to find time for myself. 

Its not that the time is not there, I just waste it. 

So I made sure that I included the time that I spend on Mobile games in there as well as I am glued to Harry Potter a Hogwarts Mystey and also Pokemon Quest. 

The game that I focused on the most was Pokemon Crystal. 

But later in the month I bought 

An Nintendo Switch! 

So I have been glued to this so I think my dry spell is hopefully over!

4)  Do Five Minutes on each German and Japanese App. 

I'm quite proud to say that I have managed to keep up with my learning. 

I'm definitely focusing on the Japanese Language more than the German one because its the one that is the furthest away from my native Language. 

I'm trying to get my head around the two different forms of languages and letters. But the app does a great job of dumping you in the deep end and I think some has stuck! 

5) Watch a film every two days 

So I feel as though I excelled at this one as I watched SO many films. 

We even ended up having a marathon of all eight harry potter films to end the month on (as we went to the Warner Brother Studio Tour in London a couple of days ago). 

(For some reason, my tivo is still full though....) 


So its time to set some new goals! 

1) Write the Christmas List 

Yes, its time to plan the cost for Christmas..... I do this every year and I will write more about it closer to the time

2) Spend every second day on the Switch 

Kinda similar to the film goal from last month. But Basically, I think that this will help with one of the older goals that I still have yet to complete

3) Have a Naruto and Studio Gibli Marathon 

At the moment, Film Four is showing all 24 studio Gibil Anime films and Luke and I are very excited to watch them all. 

I also wanted to have a Naruto Marathon to help some of the older goals that I have. 

So in order to save money we are going to be doing more marathons throughout the rest of the year. 

4) To Focus on my Skin Care routine and to keep up drinking lots of water

So my skin has gotten so much better over the past couple of weeks since I stopped drinking Fizzy Drinks. 

So this is a goal to basically keep this up and also to keep treating my skin and to remember to keep taking my makeup off! 

5) To Reduce the percentage on my Tivo by 20%

So basically, I have it sitting on 100%, I want to get it down to 80%. 

Lots of watching ahead! 

6) To finish all old goals 

Below are the ones that I have left from over the year so far: 
  1. To Finish two Game of Thrones Books 
  2. Watch the rest of the Indiana Jones Series 
  3. Finish Naruto, Shippenden and also Baruto 
  4. Catch up with the newest Marvel Movies 
  5. Catch up with Sherlock 
  6. Get 16 badges on HeartGold
  7. One Walk a week 
  8. Put some time into Skyrim.


So thats it for the goals, its time to get on it! 

Thanks for reading 



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