Hello Everyone, 

So, I think in the last post that it came across that I was a little frustrated with the situation that we have been put into. 

Having a tight time limit in which to buy a house has led to a few sleepless nights over the past week.  For the last couple of days, I have been a zombie and I have had lovely little stress headaches. 

But since I wrote the original post, we have been to see a couple of houses and we have three more to see tomorrow. 

I'm trying to come up with the pros of this situation rather that the large list of cons that is currently at the forefront of my mind. 

In ten weeks, I literally have no idea where I am going to be living, I have no idea what the picture is going to look like and that terrifies me.


However, when trying to look into the future.....

I honestly, cannot wait to have my own house, I have the image of putting up my tree at Christmas and having the whole time off as my go to happy image. 

Watching all the DVDs I bought last year.... all the good Christmas films and I drink some vegan hot chocolate, under a blanket... playing the switch. The cats curled up next to me, Luke watching the film with me... eating all the festive snacks. 

I cannot wait to have a place to decorate with proper furniture as the stuff that I have is kinda temporary and in-between stuff that we are waiting to replace. 

To have a place that is ours after five years of living in houses that aren't ours and we couldn't fix because it wasn't our responsibility. Places that the landlord never fixed. 

 I want to have somewhere that only Luke and I can access, that there are no other spare keys to. Theres always that feeling of awkwardness when you get an inspection letter through or can hear the landlady upstairs.

I cannot wait to feel truly at peace and shut off from the world when I am at home and to have somewhere that I am proud to show off. In the past five years, I have felt that I cannot have my parents round for more than an hour due to the flats that we have rented. 


At the moment, it seems like a lifetime away with many barriers in the way. 

We have overcome the first one and we have a mortgage. The day in which we got the phone call to confirm was probably one of the best of the year if not my life. We could start the process, we could start to do something and not be at someone elses mercy. 

 We can look at houses and maybe put an offer in, if we like the place. 

There was a close call on Saturday, but the house was still in the centre of town and it didn't have a driveway.

 Two things that I said were very important to me. My cat has been broken into a couple of times since living in the centre and also I can never park. My car is one of the only things that is truly mine and I wanna protect it. 


I feel like, while we have a choice, we can afford to at least try and hit the main musts that we want. 

For me, its just a driveway and a garden. 

For Luke it must be a house 

While doing all this, I have had the idea to so a time-lapse video, as I did with the last move. But with more detail of the buying process. As before this and going through this, I was clueless. 

I might also write a few posts about it. 

Adulting so hard right now and we are trying not to panic buy. 


So thats it for now. 

I thought that I would write a few more thoughts down before I went back to regular posts. 

Hopefully, soon we can share some happy news that we have found a house!

So for now,

Thanks for reading! 


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