TRAVEL : Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London

Hello Everyone! 

So I thought that I would talk about my Birthday present from Luke and his family. 

A Trip to the Making of Harry Potter at the Warner Brother Studio Tour in London. 

I was so excited when I got the tickets as it somewhere that I have always wanted to go. I think by now that it is fairly obvious that I am a massive Harry Potter fan. 

The tickets highlighted the new Forbidden forest exhibit, where I knew I could FINALLY meet Buckbeak.

 He was by far my favourite magical creature, as you all know, I am a massive animal person. 

I must have read all the books over ten times each, I've worn out all my DVDs of the films, completed all the games and I get the Loot Crate every two month. 

I also got a couple of other Harry potter presents from my Dad and Best Friend. 

People know me too well. 

I love the magical world and I honestly secretly hoped that I would have an owl waiting with an acceptance letter for me on my 11th Birthday. 


I've even been on Pottermore and got myself sorted. 

So I'm a Griffindor and my Patronus is a Dolphin and my wand is Hawthorn with a Phoenix core! 

(its also short, but we don't talk about that tbh)


I also forgot to mention all the clothes that I have also. I decided to wear my red Hogwarts creast stitched top from Primark for the trip. 

That is one excited face. 

So we were booked on the first tour which began at nine and when I got there, I got hit with this overwhelming feeling. 

I was actually there, I was at Hogwarts. 

I felt myself tearing up at three points throughout the tour. At the start, when I saw Buckbeak and also  when I saw the full scale model of Hogwarts with the music playing over it. 

Its a feeling that I cannot explain except for, I felt like I was coming home in a sense. 

You spend so long imagining a place and then you finally arrive.


So I said to myself that I was going to take the majority of video when I was on the tour, because juggling a camera and a blogging camera is alot. 

We also had the audio guides so got to immerse ourselves in all the stuff. 

That being said, if you decide not to pay for them, there are lots of videos playing around the site to give you more info! 

So the Video of the tour is below. 

So, without spoiling the tour too much, you start in the Great Hall and this is the only part that is timed. 

The way they get you in was just wow... so unexpected. 

For our tour, they were celebrating the Goblet of Fire so in the hall was the goblet and the blue line age line on the floor!

I felt so happy because the Goblet of Fire is my favourite film, this is because you get a sense of the outer wizarding world and you see the other schools for the first time. 

Also I think its the last film that is dark but not too dark. 

My favourite book is the Chamber of secrets and this is my second favourite film. 

(When I saw the door to the chamber and the basilisk head..... I squeed on the inside) 

((yes that it is a word)) 


We made our way around and then we got to the forest and I had seen a sign that said, go and bow to Buckbeak. 

I grabbed Luke, I was sooooooooooooooo excited to do this as it felt that he was alive. 

Then the moment came - you can see this on the video, but I managed to do a cheeky screen grab. 

There was an operator with a button so you actually had to bow, so I felt like I kinda earned it. 

I have to say, I was amazed at the details in all the creatures. 

You could see every feather, the glint in their eyes and all the work that went into them. 


I don't really want to talk about the specific sets too much as I don't want to ruin the magic. 

You can see them in the video if you wish. 

But I will say that it is 100% percent worth the visit. 

You can see that the people that work there, love their jobs and are fans also. 

Also the fact that they are the actual sets and its the studio that it was actually filmed, makes you feel so much closer to the action. 

You can even go and get a butter beer. 

( I sadly couldn't drink it as its not yet vegan friendly, Although apparently in America it is) 

Luke wasn't a massive fan of the beer, but he LOVED a chocolate frog. 

You also get to take the plastic butter beer tankard home with you. 

I'm not sure what to do with mine so its currently sitting in the kitchen. 


As expected, the gift shop was really expensive. 

I got a few presents for those that had bought me the tickets. 

For Luke, I let him stock up on lots of Wizard Sweets. 

I was very lucky that in my present, they had included the printed guide book. 

But I wanted to get something to remember my birthday and celebrate the year. 

So I bought a little charm bracelet and two charms. 

I have the snitch and also the Deathly Hallows. 

I plan to add to it when we go back at Christmas. 

Oh, yes, we plan to go back to see Hogwarts in the Snow! 

Apparently the great hall gets all Christmassy and they have alot more seasonal stuff to look at. 



So thats it. 

I loved it and it was an amazing way to spend the day. 

It was like... Yay I'm getting older but with a nod to my childhood. 

Thanks for reading 



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