LIFESTYLE : September Goals

Hellllooooo Everyone! 

Autumn is around the corner and big changes are on the horizon! 

I'm currently making plans, looking at houses and trying to keep everything together. 

I think that having a larger set of goals, that are focused on trying to relax and mental health are really going to help.

Here are my Goals for the month. 

1) No scroll September 

So this first goal is a joint one with my Fiancee.

 Luke was ironically scrolling through social media when he said that he saw a challenge to give up social media for September.

 He turned to me and said that he would really like to try it. 

I think the amount of time that we both spend on our phones really needs to decrease so this will be good for us as a couple. 

We set some rules and we will both stay off of media except for posting new blog posts and videos! 

All the apps are gone on our phones. 

Wish us luck....

2) To Catch Celebi 

So if you play Pokemon Go as I do, then you will know that their is a new research challenge in which you end up with another legendary Pokemon. 

The time traveling Green bean that is Celebi! 

I think it is safe to say that I was obsessed with the Mew challenge so I am looking forward to having something else to get my teeth into. 

Plus all the extra walking is good for overall health and clearing the head after a busy day! 

I'm thinking that 31 days is a long enough time to achieve this. I am at the end of the 3rd Tier currently. 

3) To have a pre moving clear out. 

So its no secret that I'm moving. 

I do think that I am well overdue for a clear out, last time I moved I threw away six bags of clothes alone. 

I plan to do this before I start packing up. Anything to make it a little easier when that dreaded day comes. 

Also is good not to hold on to anything you don't need to for longer than you have to. 

4) To find somewhere to live 

This is a very important one. 

I have no idea whether this will be achieved this month. 

But we at least need a plan! 

5)  To finish the following list of books 

So I really want to focus on reading this month as I have bought quite a few new additions over the past couple of weeks. 

I think with all the stress that is inevitably on the way, reading is going to be a good escape I hope. 

So the list is below 

A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones Series) 
Hunger Games : Catching Fire 
Hunger Games Mockingjay
Naruto - Volume 1

6) To put some quality time into Animal Crossing New Leaf 

I love animal crossing and it one of my favourite games to play on the DS.  Its one of those games that I can play and switch off from the outside world.

 Its so wholesome and rather addictive. 

I picked it up yesterday for the first time in a year and I really enjoyed it. 

So I am setting myself to goal of just dedicating some time to it over the month. There is no set time a day, but I would like to make some progress. 

I've still got alot of stuff to build and house to pay off and collections to complete! 

I'm going to make a list of where I am now in the game and then compare it to the end of the month. 

So thats it for this months goals! 

Let me know what you think 

Thanks for reading 



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