Hello Everyone, 

So I am slowly beginning to find time to blog again and also to film videos. 

I just updated the channel with a little gaming video. 

I figured that these would be the easiest to film at the moment as the flat is a mess as we are moving and they aren't too time consuming my end. 

 I'm still unsure as to whether I want to continue with just the one or the two channels as I go forward.. 

I think two makes it a little too complex. 

Here is us playing Cup-head


I've been ill the past couple of days so my posts are even further behind than I would like....

But I wanted to start with this one as it is one that is the most important to me. 

A couple of weeks ago, my heart was shattered when I woke up to the news that my last childhood pet Sidney had passed away. 

He was 13 and he had been in my life since he was a two day old kitten. 


Before I continue, I have filmed a video explaining the situation with what happened.

 It features footage and pictures. I decided not to appear on camera, mainly because I knew that at some point I would burst into tears. 

I took the opportunity to talk about all the pets that I have loved in my life and to open up a little. 

It also feature kitten footage of Boots and Diego. 


Sidney was in short, a security blanket. 

He was a childhood confidant along with his sister Lizzie, they helped me through some very difficult  times in my life. Namely the awkward teenage phase. 

They would sit next to me, sleep next to me and listen to all my problems.

The day that they moved to the south coast of England, a little part of me went with them. 

But when I went to visit them it was like no time had passed. 


Sidney in particular was the friendly cat that all my friends knew and asked me about. 

He would sit and interact with them, he had a massive personality and he was comedy gold. 

In his later years, he became my mother's confidant and companion so I think that his death hit her the hardest. 


Sidney sadly, was poisoned. He was poisoned by a neighbour at the same time as Lizzie. 

Sid survived for six months after Lizzie died but eventually it was his time to sleep. 

Upon reflection, I think that I actually went through a mourning period, it hit me really hard. 

We went down the Hastings to comfort my Mum and to bury him and to decorate his grave. 

He sleeps alongside his sister in an area that they will remain undisturbed. 


I mentioned in my video that I felt as though my childhood has gone and that I wasn't sure how to feel. 

I now know that its ok to feel that way. Alot of things have changed this year... the cats, our home and  other personal things. 

I was honoured to have these animals for the short time that they were in my life. 

It reminds me of the film Maquia... we adopt pets knowing that we are going to out live them and that eventually we will say goodbye.

 But time and time again, we put ourselves through it because the memories and companionship outweighs all the negatives. 


Remember ... Pets are only a part of your life but for your pets, you are their whole lives. 


Thanks for reading



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