A House Update!

Hello everyone, 

So I thought that I would share a little update about the new house as I got the chance to go and visit it on Friday! 

So it was really exciting to see what I had actually bought. 

The story goes that I bought it looking at the house plans and the area outside it alone.

 I had up until this point looked at alot of two bedroom properties so I had a good idea as to what I wanted. 

I looked mainly around the Northampton area as that is where I currently live and I found that the houses were quite small. Luke and I were prepared for this as we are first time buyers. 

However, when I saw this property online I knew a good thing when I saw it. It is in the neighbouring town of Wellingborough - where alot of people had previously recommended. 

I put an offer in on the Monday and bobs your uncle, by Tuesday it was mine. 

This is obviously pending paperwork going through. 

Its was a kind of all the stars aligned kinda story as we had spoken to a couple of other sites and all their house had been reserved... we were on the waiting list for another bunch of properites to be released and then I saw this one.

So all that is left is to watch it being built and to wait to move in. 

First impressions of the house are extremely positive, My mother and I are the only ones that have seen it as Luke was working on Friday. 

All the rooms are alot bigger than I expected and have experienced in other houses that I had viewed. 

The Living room is massive and leads onto a beautiful Garden, so the cats are well accommodated.  The only thing that they cannot have is a cat flap, but they mainly go out at night, we can work around this. My initial fear about the garden is that I thought the it backed onto a main duel carriageway and they might find themselves in trouble, however this is not the case and we are fairly away from it! 

The kitchen is brand new and has space for all the appliances already and its a lovely black granite with white cupboards. Just to my taste. 

Our current kitchen is dated and falling apart and alot of the cupboards are falling off the walls, so I just loved it. I am going to make it my personal mission to maintain it! 

The Bedrooms are huge and there is already alot of storage built in. I can see that there is going to be more than enough room for everything and I can even fit a desk in for blogging and gaming! 

We even have a loft! 

The house is light and bright with lots of windows... and yes there is central heating! 

I'm not sure if I am allowed to actually share the pictures I took of the inside so I might wait until we actually move it.....

But it is everything we wanted. I cannot believe how lucky I've been. 

It was a massive risk to take. 

So its time to pack.... be patient and look forward to the future (Halloween, Luke's Birthday and Christmas) 


Diego Volunteered to pack himself. 

So for the rest of the weekend, its all been about catching up with TV, gaming and packing. 

Its all about saving money at the moment and trying to research some lovely pieces for the new house. 

I can't remember if I have showed my chip mug before but he has been helping me to warm up in this  autumn weather! 


Although we have had one problem this weekend - a poorly Diego. 

I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but his left eye has a massive bump on the top of it. 

He's fine and his eye is fine, he just needs to rest, its not as big as it was when he first did it. 

There have been many cuddles and lots of meaty treats for him and his brother! 


So thats it for now, 

I hope you have had a good weekend - I am currently working on a new seasonal layout for the blog! 

Thanks for reading, 


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