An Early Fireworks Night & Another Update

Hello Everyone,

So once again, its been a little while, so I felt like I wanted to write a recap post to let you in on whats happening. 

So aside from the immense task of buying a house, we have been going on with our day to day life. 

I'll admit that I knew that buying a house would take up alot of time, but I had no idea just how much it would but my emotions through the ringer. 

 It has also not been as straight forward as I would have liked and there have been bumps along the road... but I think that we are out the other side. 

I'm not complaining though, I know that it will all be worth it. 

We actually got to see how the new house is getting on last week. It was the first time that Luke got to see it and I think he now knows that it is all going to be worth it.

We just need a move in date! 


You may recall from the last post, that Diego had a mystery lump on his head. 

It turned out that he had been in a fight with another cat and part of the others cats claw had got caught in his head. 

It caused a massive lump on his head that the vet kinda popped. 

A week of meds later and a cone and he is all better! 


Over the weekend, we went to Hastings, to celebrate bonfire night a month early. 

I have made no secret of the fact that this is my favourite time of the year so the earlier it comes the better! 

It was also nice to escape everything up here for a day. 

We also got to meet the newest addition to the family.... Jasper. 

As you might have read a little while ago on the blog, My childhood pet Sidney passed away. This left a huge hole in my Mum's heart. 

She thought about getting a new cat but wanted the circumstances to be right. 

Eventually, she came across an ad for Jasper. 

He needed a loving home. 

He is a lovely cat and has a great personality... Its just so funny to us, how much he looks like Diego! 


So we spent Saturday morning relaxing and I think I had the best sleep I've had in about six months. 

I was reunited with my first degree! 

I should be getting my second one, very soon! 


We then went into the old town of Hastings and took in the sites. 

The weather was unusually sunny and hot for this time of the year. 

It was nice to see the sea calm, every time we have been down this year,  it has rained. 


We went home and had Jasper cuddles and plays. 


We waited for the sun to go down and the fun to begin! 

I managed to get a picture of Mars. 

Not bad for an iPhone.... 

The Bonfire was quickly lit and followed a procession by the local community. 

I recorded it and it will be on a video on the channel

And then the fireworks.....

They were amazing!!!!


So that was our weekend...

Let me know what you have been up to! 

Thank for reading 


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