LIFESTYLE : I'm Back After A Month... And Some More Goals

Helllloooo Everyone, 

So I am back after almost a month of radio silence. 


I have to say, I think that I needed to take a step back off of the computer and take a month to myself to process what was going on in my personal life. 

If you haven't read any of my recent posts then I will fill you in. 

At the end of August, my Fiancee and I were told that our flat was being sold and it literally felt like the end of the world. In looking back this statement feels a little dramatic but for a good 24 hours I was in shock.

  We had rented this place for two years and we had a long term plan it just wasn't time to enact it. 

I felt rather overwhelmed. 

Lucky for me, Luke and My Dad have their heads screwed on and we very quickly started the process of buying a house. We had the deposit already but we wanted to clear all our debts before we moved but we were just a few months short of doing so.

We had a few set backs and a few disappointments. 

We had a few sleepless nights and alot of waiting around for results..... My biggest thing was having to speak to alot of new people on the phone.

 I do it for a job but when it is about big life stuff, I feel completely out of my depth.

 I also didn't realise how quickly the housing market can move and how you have to make your intentions known but without being 'too keen'. I struggled with this because I've been told that I wear my emotions on my face and I'm easy to read. 


But I am glad to say that we have bough a House in the neighbouring town of Wellingborough! 

Blurry picture is due to a rainy visit.... 

So as long as everything goes that way that it is, we should be moved in by Halloween! 

I will give more details about the house when its the move is in motion. 

When I have had the opportunity to take alot of pictures I will share them  and I predict many house posts in my future. 


My aim with the new house is to try and create a warm cosy environment as this flat that I have lived in for two years is anything but. 

 Its a old victorian House with no central heating and no carpets. The heat literally escapes so the last couple of winters have just been spent wrapped up in a duvet. 

The best part about the house that we are moving into is a blank canvas that we can just add to as our first home. 

I hoped that I would be writing this post, but part of me doubted it and thought that I would be renting for another year. 


So all that is left to do is to pack and move... hopefully. 

Its also happening around my favourite time of year... Halloween and bonfire night. 


So, I set myself a lot of goals for the last month but two fell by the wayside.... mainly because my focus was elsewhere. So I have put them back in for this month. 

But here are the goals that I set for September: 

1) No scroll September  - Done 

So at the start of month, Luke challenged me to give up Social Media aka Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. (Unless I was using it for the blog).  This was something called No Scroll September. 

We now know that I also came off the blog, because my head was such a scramble that I couldn't get ideas out clearly. 

I'm proud to say that I smashed it.  In fact we both did. We both agreed that we wanted to keep certain things. For me it was tumblr as this is more of a blogging site and for Luke it was Youtube. 

I also found that I wasn't tempted through the month to have a little peak. I honestly think that we post too much online these days and then get creeped out that people know everything about us. 

I believe that if I was on these website while I was waiting for vital news that it just would have magnified my anxiety. 

We actually found ourselves watching TV series together and spending more time together! 

Here was my facebook when I logged in to check out the blog page: 

It was a weird feeling however, when I was like I should post this picture.... but where was the I think Insta is the only place I would do that.  That and the blog! 

2) To Catch Celebi  - Ongoing

So I tried to complete this goal, but then remembered that I can walk all I want but it is completely random as to what I can catch and what I can't. 

I'm currently stuck on 5/8 and I am waiting for eevees to spawn! 

Its ongoing as I am determined to do it.

Also I was in the park when these guys randomly spawn everywhere. 

What an odd day. 

3) To have a pre moving clear out - Done 

I am proud to say that this has been done. 

I had already been through my clothes so that was fine, I just needed to go through my beauty product and just random house stuff! 

4) To find somewhere to live - Done 

I honestly didn't think that this would have been achieved so quickly -  I also didn't think that it would be so quick to have an offer accepted. 

I think that due to our situation we have been through so many different routes and options that I might write a post all about it when I am done. 

I am also very lucky to have some aces in my hole in terms of friends and family that are in know and they just knew how to steer us and what to say! 

5)  To finish the following list of books 

A Clash of Kings (Game of Thrones Series)  - Done 
Hunger Games : Catching Fire - Done 
Hunger Games Mockingjay - Ongoing
Naruto - Volume 1 - Ongoing

I have also added Naruto Volume two and three and also The adventures of Sherlock Holmes to read this month! 

6) To put some quality time into Animal Crossing New Leaf  - Done 

I love this game and it was a joy to pick it up again. My poor little town had been left for about a year so I had to try and repair it and I loved doing it. 

I completed alot of dinos and caught ALOT of bugs! 


So with that all in mind... Here are october's goals 

 1) To Read the following list of books : 

Hunger Games Mockingjay 
Naruto - Volume 1 
Naruto - Volume 2 
Naruto - Volume 3 
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 

2) To Catch Celebi 

The same as last month - Hopefully I will find an Eevee! 

3) To Pack up the flat and be ready to move! 

I want to be ready for the move and ready to go as soon as we can. I cannot wait to get out of here and into our new family home! 

4) To have a scary movie marathon. 

Halloween is my favourite time of year and horror movies are my favourite. 

My plan is watch as many DVDs as I can and keep a list so I can share my favourites with you. 

Also I think its important to dust off the DVDs once in a while as we are so quick to stream! 


So thats it for now, thank you for reading my bumper post. 

Its nice to be back, but at the same time I did love my little bubble. 

The good news is that I have ALOT to write about so expect frequent posts from now on! 

As always, thanks for reading, 



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