Bonfire Night & Reflections

Helllooooo Everyone, 

Yesterday was officially Bonfire Night here in the UK and I was determined to find another Firework display here in Northampton. 

We ended up going to one on Sunday night! 

I kind of hoped that it would be a nice way to say good bye to the Racecourse, the park that we have lived beside for the past two and a half years. 

I spend alot of time walking around the park, its 5km to do the whole of it. 

I go there for a little escape from our current flat, to get exercise, to Pokemon Go and to puppy & Squirrel watch.

I think that I massively take for granted that it is on my doorstep and I think it is probably the only thing that I will miss about where we currently live. 

I have to remind myself that I am not only leaving the centre of Northampton Town, but I am leaving it all together to move to Wellingborough. 

I think that its a change that is more than needed as I enter the next stage of my adult life 


But before we went out, I spent the morning finalising my monthly goals & reading all the paperwork and reports on the new house. 

In fact, last night, I met with my solicitor and signed all the final bits! 


But back to Sunday night, 

Luke and I ventured over to the park and took in all the lights from the fair. 

We got ourselves some chips and watched as the sky lit up. 

Fireworks, themselves, are in my top three things ever. 

I love the sense of wonder and instant link back to childhood. 

I got a little emotional during the display because to this sequence they played the song 'Living on a prayer' by Bon Jovi. 

I've always been someone that looks for the meaning behind lyrics and this one stuck a chord with our current situation.

I cannot go into depth at the moment as to the problems that exist with our current flat, but there has been the need for self belief and the belief in our strength as a couple. 

Because a force has tried to split us and divide us. But failed. 

Baby, we're half way there.... we're living on a prayer.... take my hand and we'll make it I swear. 

Honestly, it will all make sense when we are in Wellingborough. 

We ended the night and came home to two very unfussed Kitty Kats. 

I always worry about them around fireworks, so I set up some chill areas, where they can hide. 

I also left the first Shrek film on rather loudly to keep them company. 

When we came home they were asleep, all tucked up together. 


It was a beautiful and oddly emotional way to say goodbye to a space that I love.

I see the fireworks as a rebirth, a sign of things to come. 

Our time is coming and I am very excited to bring you along with us! 


Thanks for reading 



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