Children In Need & A Reboot & A New Video

Hello Everyone, 

Its been a busy week at work, helping to organise a fundraiser all in the name of Children Of Need.

It took alot of time, effort and patience but it was definitely all worth it. 

It was lovely to get a chance to be creative and to help lead something that has managed to do alot of good. 

I made sure that I was wearing all Pudsey everything. 

I picked up a Pusdey bauble effect shirt from George at Asda and I wore my Landyard from the year before. 

I bought a little gold Pudsey badge that I plan to wear all year round with my Poppy Badge. 

And of Course the magical Pudsey ears.... also from the year before. 

We actually got to meet the main man himself! 

I found myself too tired to sit through the appeal night last night, but I have recorded it so I plan to watch it back later. With many snacks. 


I think that I have needed this distraction as it made the week go extremely quickly. 

The days are dragging as we wait to move into the dream house. 

November normally flies by in the lead up to Christmas but sadly its not the case this year. 

We are both trying so hard to be good with money and good with our mental health, but its hard when the main problem lives in the flat above. 

When you are constantly reminded that you haven't actually escaped yet. 

I read the below quote and it struck a chord with me. 

(Khlo√© is my favourite Kardashian in case anyone was wondering) 

So I have decided to have a week to reboot myself. 

Namely, focus on the goals for the month, drink more water, tidy up and cook more. 

Simple things that help my head but I've neglected the past couple of weeks. 


And finally, I have uploaded a new video to Hideaway Gaming

It is the first part of a play through of a Horror Puzzle game. 

Its quite a famous one on Youtube called Amnesia. We are currently playing the Dark Descent Chapter. 

It's nice to have fresh ideas and to be passionate about a game that we both really wanted to play. 

That being said its extremely creepy and has me on edge.... but that it definitely
the sign of a good horror game. 


So thats it for now. 

Thanks for reading! 


 Twitter : @BeckyRussell

Instagram : @beckydoodah 


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