More Goals, Halloween and A New Video!

Hello everyone, 

So its time for a bit of a mixed post! 



I made the yummiest vegan Chilli of my life so far. 

The goals of it was originally to use up loads of leftover veggies from the fridge from the week that had past. 

I try to do one of these meals a week to try and limit food waste. 

So in the chilli went: 

Four Different types of Tomatoes 
Bell Peppers 
Raw Spring onion (added after cooking - trust me on this one) 
Vegan Mince 
Kidney beans 
Chopped tomatos 

(So Basically ALOT of Vitamin C)

Let me know if you would like the method behind it. 

More Goals 

So I was filming the start of my goals for the month and I remembered that there was in fact some other goals that I forgot to add. There is also one that I need to change. 

So, firstly, I forgot that I still have a couple of the rollover goals from earlier in the year that I am working on still. 

They are: 

1) Watch the rest of the Indiana Jones series 

So far I have only watched the first one. Doh! 

2) Finish Naruto, Shippenden and Baruto

Luke is nagging me to complete this goal. After I've done this, my focus is shifting to Sailor Moon!

3) Catch up with the recent Marvel Movies 

This is from January..... Doh x 2  

4) Catch up with Sherlock 

I will be doing this straight after finishing 13 reasons why! 

5) To get 16 badges on Pokemon Heartgold

I'm at the first Pokemon League! 

6) One Walk a week 

Luke and I really need to get back on this. 

7) Put some time into Skyrim 

I now have it on the Switch sooooo its time....


I need to amend one of my goals. 

I said that I wanted to finish watching 13 Reasons Why and also Desperate Housewives. 

But something bad happened..... I got to series 6 of my beloved Housewives annnnddddd both Now Tv and Amazon took it off their site. 


So until it come back on, I cannot complete this goal. 

So I am replacing it with the big bang theory. I cannot do 12 seasons in less than a month so the goal is just to start it and enjoy it! : ) 


So I completely forgot, because of my excitement for bonfire night, to update you all on Halloween! 

Its rather odd of me because Halloween is my favourite day of the year. 

So this year, I feared that I would not be able to celebrate it as it was our original moving out day from the flat. As we now know, that was not to be the case. 

Because of the ever changing move out date, I didn't have the chance to decorate the flat or plan anything for us to do. 

We did watch some horror films, as that was one of October's Monthly goals. 

But what was a saving grace is that I was part of a group that was planning a Halloween event at work. 

So I got to dress up (I bought myself a Pikachu onesie), do creepy party games and push myself outside of my comfort zone. 

We also observed Remembrance Sunday yesterday. 

I always make sure that I either attend an event in Town or I at least check it out on the TV. 

I think that its very important, to remember them that gave their everything so that we can live in peace. 


A New Video 

I uploaded a new video to the main channel. 

Luke and I both wanted to create a video that was on the fun side. I am finding it difficult to find places to film in the flat as everything is in boxes. 

So we thought that we would do a tag or quiz video, I was messing around on the Playstation and came across a game called Knowledge is Power. 

It was actually a free download a couple of months ago and its great. 

You play on your smartphone and can play up to six people. 

I think its definitely a game that I will be insisting that we play at Christmas! 

It was nice to switch off and it was lovely to edit it and see Luke and I genuinely laughing after the stress that we have been under. 


So thats it for this post! 

It was a bit all over the place, but I thought that might be quite fun to give you an insight as to whats going on! 

Thanks for reading 


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