November Goals

 Hello Everyone, 

So I originally said that I wasn't going to set any goals for November.

But we have actually already packed up our house ready to move so I actually need something to occupy my time! 

I'm hoping that these are the last goals that I will be completing in this old flat and that December will  be able to focus on our lovely new house


So the goals are as follows : 

1) Attend another firework display 

We actually attended one a couple of weeks ago on the coast, but I really want to try and get a second one in over the weekend.

We are aiming to go to the Racecourse as we have been for the past two years and I think that it  would be a nice way to say goodbye to the area. 

2) I want to make Luke's Birthday Cake 

It's Luke's birthday on the 28th and I have wanted to make his Birthday cake all year.  I am planning on making him a rainbow cake similar to the one he had in Malta. 

You can see it in the below video :

We have had a really stressful couple of months so it will be nice to celebrate something. 

3) I want to finish both 13 Reasons why & Desperate Housewives. 

I am on series six out of eight of the Housewives and at the end of series one of 13 reasons why, so I am on the final push. 

I love Desperate Housewives as it reminds me of living in my last family home with my Mum, we were both obsessed with it... but I managed to miss the last couple of series. 

I find that I cannot watch too many episodes of 13 Reasons Why in a row as I find it quite troubling to watch. I find the talk of suicide and depression too much if I am having a down day. But I think that the way that the story is being told is really interesting so I am trying to push through. 

4) I want to catch up with the other TV dramas that I am watching 

I wanted to separate these shows out as they are currently on the telly and I am also watching them with Luke. 

I want to try and give my Virgin Box a chance and I want to immerse myself in some more dramas. I am really loving the small serial dramas this year. 

I am currently watching Dark Heart, Strangers, Killing Eve, WanderLust, Little Drummer Girl, Butterfly &  Press 

I have two goals that are left over from October so I will also be doing them :

6) To Read the following list of books : 

Hunger Games Mockingjay 
Naruto - Volume 1 
Naruto - Volume 2 
Naruto - Volume 3 
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 

7 )To Catch Celebi on Pokemon Go 

I'm still trying!


So thats it for now, 

I will let you know how the goals go - I am actually planning on recording them for the main channel! 

Thanks for reading



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