What I am currently Watching and A New Video

Helllooooo Everyone, 

I seem to be featuring new videos alot at the moment. 

I like to think that is because I am finding myself rather inspired at the moment in terms of filming and not because I am neglecting my little blog! 

Well my not so little blog anymore.... I seen that there have been alot of you reading from all round the world and it is amazing to see this reflected in the views. 

I honestly never take these kind of things for granted.

Thank you 


So here is the latest video, I thought that I would use some spare footage that I took but never used. 

It kind of all came together in a ' What have we been up to video'.

When I looked back... its been a fair bit. 

It also gives you the first look at the new house. 

I don't want to spoil the video... so please take a second and have a cheeky watch. 


I thought that I would share a few things that I have been loving on the TV at the moment. 

So of course, my favourite is back... Masterchef the Professionals. 

I've spoken about it many times, so I won't bore you. 

But basically, this is the version where professional chefs get told off because their basic skills should have already been up to spec. 

Here is the first episode: 

Second is Bodyguard

Its technically finished here in the UK, but it is on BBC Iplayer and also Netflix. 

I loved this show because it was just so difference. You were immediately hit with the idea that Budd (the main character) might actually be a bad guy and then also that the Politician he is protecting (Julia) might also be a bad person. 

This idea goes back and forth throughout the series. 

I like it when the main characters aren't inherently either good or bad and if the show makes you think. 

The show is full of twists and turns and it definitely divided the office. 

Here is the trailer. 

And lets be honest.... who doesn't love Richard Madden?

Third is Dark Heart 

Now I'll warn you, this is a gory show. 

Right from the outset. 

The show is about a detective, who doesn't seem to care about the rules. Not to the extent that he is a 'bent' copper. But in the respect that he is quite violent and will take the law into his own hands for a greater cause. 

The six episodes are split into three stories. 

I am currently on the second story and I am more than hooked. What I really like is that, you get to see his personal life develop also. He has lost both his parents to murder and thus his actions seemed to become more and more understandable. 

I'm looking forward to see how it ends 

The Fourth is Little Drummer Girl 

If you were a fan of The Night Manager... you will LOVE this show. 

Its by the same author and it is just as complicated and attention grabbing as its predecessor

I would like to explain the story, but its so complex that its quite hard to. 

I am currently on the third episode and honestly, I find it quite confusing if I don't focus on it 

Here is the trailer :

Fifth is The Haunting of Hill House. 

I always find this title hard to say or remember, but thankfully the show is unforgettable. 

I was looking forward for ages to watch it.  I love horror shows at the moment as I find that because they have longer to tell a story and build suspense.... that they are creepier than films. 

I am on Episode four... and honestly by the end of episode one I was having nightmares. 

Its so brilliantly told through flack backs and flash forwards and the spirits are very creepy. 

I'm not sure where the story is going but I'm in for the ride. 

Sixth is Killing Eve 

Again, this was a show that I was really excited about when I first saw the trailer on Social Media. 

It seemed like a great concept.... a killer with no remorse and a MI6 Agent who is trying to catch her in a cat and mouse game. 

But its so much more than that.  The killer is actually a hired assassin who starts to fixate on the Agent (Eve). In fact in the third episode she tries to help her pick out clothes. 

Its odd, but its great at the same time. 

I am at the mid way point so I'll let you know how it goes. But I just got to see a massive plot twist at the end of the third episode that made me gasp! 

Seven is American Horror Story Apocalypse

I love this horror series and I love that every season is another story. 

This series promised to be a cross over of all the others and so far it has delivered. 

Again, this show is Gory from the outset, so if you don't like this then.... don't watch it basically. 

The idea of this series is stopping the Antichrist and the war between Demons and Witches. 

I'm near the end so I hope that there is one final battle and I love that we get to see the Murder House and the Coven again. 

I'm still waiting for the link to the Asylum... just hope it has nothing to do with those pesky Aliens....


So those are a few shows that I have been enjoying... let me know what you think! 

Thanks for reading 



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