New Years Resolutions 2019 & January Goals

Hello Everyone! 

I thought that as I had already decided on how I wanted to go into the new year in terms of goals, that  I would reveal them early. 

As you all know, I am a massive fan of setting and trying to achieve goals throughout the month but due to having to shift my focus.... I neglected a couple of 2018's. 

So its time to restart and recharge for 2019. 

I will start with my New Years Resolutions / Yearly Goals

Luke and I moved into our first owned home in December so I wanted to have some goals that reflected doing up own new home. 

I also wanted to try and improve our financial situation as we become responsible adults.

I recently uploaded a video in which I showed our move and a tour of the new house :


These Goals are as follows: 

To be Overdraft free by June (without going into amounts) 

To Carpet the house completely by 31st December 2019

To enjoy the house and to stay in more aka save some money! 

To achieve proper savings by December 2019 


I wanted to set some mental Health goals to try and recover from this year and they are as follows: 

To try and read at least one book a month  - I normally get through one a week so this should be easy for me


To Keep up Learning German and Japanese 

To Try and do some Yoga Classes 

To try and go on a holiday somewhere in 2019 


To keep blogging and Filming throughout 2019 


To keep up a journal of thoughts and reflections through 2019 

Finally, some Health goals 

To go back to the gym and to maintain a healthy routine - but to include cheat days


To maintain a Vegan Diet for health reasons 


Finally, Its time for January Goals :

1) To watch a film a day - 31 in total

January is a lonnnnggggg month. So I wanted to set a goal that I could easily do from home in the comfort of my new living room. 

2) To beat the Pokemon League in Lets Go Pikachu.

I'm really enjoying this game as it's bringing back alot of memories of playing Pokemon Yellow on My yellow Gameboy Colour. 

3) Bake something in the New Kitchen 

I want to christen the new kitchen with something sweet - Luke can't decide what I should make so watch this space! 

4) Write in the Journal everyday

This is feeding off of my Yearly goals - I want to make sure I document the next 31 days in my new home. 

5) Go for a long Walk in Wellingborough. 

We have just moved in the area - but we don't know alot about it. So we want to plan a walk around a local beauty spot and explore! 


So thats it for this long post. 

I'm going to try and go for these goals as hard as I can! 

Thanks for reading 



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