We Did it!

Hello Everyone! 

I am back after all the radio silence over the past month, but its all been worth it! 

We have finally moved into our brand new shiny House. 

Its time to say hello to No 27! 

It wasn't an easy journey. There were alot of hoops to jump through and at times it felt impossible. 

But I am so happy to say that we did it! 

It was the best feeling in the world to say goodbye to the old flat as it became extremely hostile. 

Alot of lessons were learned and I will write about this in the future. 

I just want this post to be a happy one after feeling like I've held my breath since August. 

Halfway through moving day we were joined by Boots and Diego, our resident Fluff Fluffs. 

They have been busy finding their way around and making lots of mucky paw prints. 

I can tell that they too are happy to be here as I noticed that their behaviour has majorly changed. 

One of the first things to go up was the Christmas tree.  

Its nice that we can finally have some decorations as we went up to the 20th without them. 

It suddenly feels alot like Christmas!

My House truly feels like the Hideaway that I always dreamed of when I named this Blog. 

Yes, it needs works... It needs carpets and forever furniture. But for now it is a little Haven. 

I'm also glad to be back to some sort of normality and to be in a comfortable enough place to feel like I can Blog and Film again.... even though there is no internet for now haha. 

So for now, 

Thanks for your patience and for ready as always, 


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