Discovering Wellingborough : Sywell

Hello Everyone! 

So I thought that I would create a new series for the blog. 

I have just moved to Wellingborough, but I have no idea about anything that resides in it. So I thought that I would do a little series on my discoveries. 

Our first adventure was Sywell Country Park. 

Luke and I worked out that its only five minutes away from our house

As you know, in the old flat we had a park on our doorstep so we miss being able to go for random walks when we feel like we need to escape. 

The park has a massive lake, forest area and green fields surrounding it. After spending five years in the town centre, I'd forgotten how much I have missed open green spaces. 

I grew up in village areas, and moving to closed tight spaces was a real culture shock. 

The new house backs on to farmland, I see it when I leave and come home from work and I absolutely love it.  I also can see the stars at night as there is no light pollution. Its just wonderful.

We found a massive tree in the middle that reminded us of the one from My Neighbour Totoro. The one that the forest creatures nap in , near the start of the film. 

We also went bird watching in the little cabins they had set up all round the place. 

As its the winter there wasn't much hanging around. But it was nice to shelter from the rain and just to take a moment to take everything in. 

Luke started using his iPhone as a set of binoculars..... 

I took the opportunity to snap the first picture of the year together. 

And then it went a little south.... 

We used the rest of the journey around to play Pokemon Go... in the end I think it was around five miles and took almost two hours. We were lucky that the weather held out as long as it did. 

It was only light rain at best. 

We are hoping to come back to see all the baby birds in the spring! 

So thats it for now... 

I did make a little video of the outing that you can see below: 

I'm determined that all the new videos for both channels have nothing but a positive tone. I know that I relied alot on these types of videos when I was at my lowest point.... So if I can put some of my own out there and help someone else, that would be an amazing thing. 

Less of the negative and more of the positive! 

Thanks for reading 



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